Data Cabling - Telephone Systems - VoIP - Security System
Fibre Optic and Electrical installation all over Australia

Take your business to the next level and beyond with FixTel comprehensive range of innovativesolutions and products.

Voice and Data Cabling Installation

Certified for CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7, Fibre Optics, Austel and KRONE Building back-bone connections using more than 25 years’ experience in data cabling.

Telephone System Installation

Our telephone systems are part of our wide range of FixTel services, which includes installation, support and Maintenance from qualified communications technicians.

Fibre Optics Installation

FixTel can assist you with all your optic fibre requirements. From switching equipment right down to the type of optic fibre cable you require for a specific project.


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Avaya Scopia® Desktop and Mobile Applications

Face-to-Face Collaboration in Your Mobile World and on Your Desktop

Avaya: "Scopia’s New and Improved Ways to Collaborate"

The fourth in a series of videos explaining the value that Avaya's tools unlock. This one focuses on Avaya’s endpoint diagnostics and network monitoring solution: SLA MonTM Server.
AvayaLive™ Connect Hosted Voice over IP and Unified Communications

Business Solutions

Take your business to the next level and beyond with FixTel comprehensive range of innovativesolutions and products.

CCTV Installation & Maintenance

Security most importantly ensures that these systems are easily designed. By using a simple PIN number operational function for arming and disarming the system and single button operation of the built-in features.


Power & Electrical Cabling Services

FixTel is into Switch Board Maintenance, Upgrading, Repairing and Rewiring, wecan also assess, service and re-install all your Power, Data and Telecommunication Cabling Systems throughout your office or factory locations.


Security Systems Installations

FixTel recognizes that every business is different on its own right and aims to cater businesses’ security needs and budget limit regardless of whether it is a small or large business.


IT Services & Consultancy

FixTel has an IT service division that offers valuable work and quality alignment to different businesses’ priorities. You can rely on our effective approach and strategies that can lengthen the IT lifecycle in all its aspects.