Modern businesses have become increasingly reliant on network connections for countless aspects of their operations. Obviously, for some companies, the quality and reliability of the Internet connection will be more important than others, but it’s an area of your business where you can limit risks significantly.

While the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) has brought the latest fibre optic solutions to so many businesses, people have become overly reliant and optimistic about its reliability.

While fibre technology is highly reliable, physical problems with lines can and do happen on a regular basis. And if losing your Internet connection, data and communication systems poses too big a risk, then you have to look at some alternative backup solutions.

Fibre Redundancy Solutions

Physical damage to fibre cabling is one of the main causes of connection downtimes, and there are some onsite solutions you can take. One relatively cheap option is to run a copper Ethernet cable along with the fibre one that can work as a backup if the fibre cabling is damaged.

However, if there is damage to the fibre connection outside your premises, then you will be reliant on your service provider to fix the problem. Unfortunately, if there is significant damage to a utility pole, for example, this could result in many hours of a connection loss.

And that’s why some businesses really have to consider alternative backup solutions.


Microwave technology allows for wireless point-to-point connections that are often used to bridge difficult to connect premises. But such connections are also an excellent choice as a backup system with many service providers offering connection speeds that are close to fibre-optic.

At Fixtel, our network solutions team has extensive experience with planning and setting up such connections, and we will take a full assessment of all your needs to create the best possible redundancy solution.


One of the most reliable options to provide maximum business continuity in the event of a failure in your fibre connection is satellite technology. If there was a more widespread connection issue, then a point-to-point microwave system may also be affected.

To solve this, you need to bridge longer distances, and satellite is one of the best options. However, these types of connections are really only suitable to use for absolutely critical services, as the connection speeds are not as fast, and the connections are quite expensive. However, by having a full business continuity assessment identify certain areas that you need to prioritise, you’ll be in a very good position to plan for a failover situation.

Network Maintenance

When it comes to ensuring maximum connection time and quality, prevention is the name of the game. We often get called to businesses where our service plans would have identified issues before they actually caused failures.

At Fixtel, our network service and support team is able to implement systems and processes that will ensure you avoid a lot of the most common problems.

Monitoring Of Connection Quality

The quality and speed of your Internet connection will fluctuate throughout the day, and within certain boundaries, this is a perfectly normal experience. However, by the time you realise that your connection has dipped below a usable point, it’s likely that you’re already suffering from significant disruptions.

Our monitoring equipment uses completely automated solutions that constantly monitor for possible signs that service levels are dipping too low so that pro-active fault diagnostics can kick into action.

Remote Fault Diagnostics

Modern technology allows for a lot of hardware and software faults to be identified remotely. This means that when a problem does arise, we can immediately check for certain faults using a mix of automated and manual processes.

Not having to wait for someone to arrive on-site is a highly effective way to minimise downtimes by speeding up the fault diagnosis process.

Effective Repair Services

Once a problem has been identified, it’s vital to take immediate corrective action. At Fixtel, we have a team of technicians and engineers that are able to support such situations by either switching to backup services and/or fixing faulty components in the fastest possible time. By avoiding delays in the troubleshooting process, you can keep your business running with minimum disruptions.

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To avoid falling victim to data outages that are within or outside your control, you have to take some preventative actions. And backup systems are critical if you simply cannot function without your Internet connection.

Knowing when problems could be developing and taking proactive steps is just as critical, and that’s where Fixtel has created an industry-leading service.
Speak to one of our advisers today to find out how we can help you in this entire process. It will take the guesswork out of it, and you won’t have to worry about those “what if” situations.