5 Steps To Creating A More Competitive Contact Centre

Image In a world where customers can switch their preferred service providers at the press of a button, it’s never been more important to focus on the customer experience. Unless you have a contact centre built around maximising efficiency and empowering your staff, you can quickly be left behind when it comes to competing with other organisations. With constantly improving technology, you have to make sure that you are always at the cutting edge of technology. Staying up to date with the latest improvements in UC (Unified Communications), whether its on-site PBX systems or private, public, or hybrid cloud phone systems will put your business in the best position to take advantage of the new advancements. Following leading communication brands such as Avaya, which Fixtel is a partner of is a good first step. Avaya is the leader in call centre communication technology like VoIP phones, hosted cloud and wireless headsets. Avaya developed new headset features early this year that include AcousticEdge™ technology which provides maximum audio experience whilst protecting users from long-term headset usage issues. And designed specifically for contact centre users with an innovative, quick disconnect option and supervisor listen-in capabilities. By keeping your ear to the ground and watching for innovation these spaces your business will be ahead of your competitors. Fixtel is a leader in phone system technology and we make sure to follow every new system and innovation to make sure our customers get the advantage. For your own business knowledge in this area follow these next 5 steps to keep ahead of the game. In our experience, this requires heavy focus and investment in 5 main areas.

1 – Self-Service Technology

Self-service speech recognition systems are becoming a lot more common these days, and a very recent study by Gartner highlighted that industry assumptions are working on the basis that by 2023, over 70% of customer contacts will be preferred through automated systems. Blended artificial intelligence with IVR and agents will provide personalised customer experiences that give them a self-service better experience. Fixtel can advise on the right infrastructure investments to secure this new technology, and make sure your business has the right data cabling and network installation solutions.

2 – Empowering Staff

When businesses put more focus on customer satisfaction rates with their service centres, then it can often happen that not enough attention is placed on the agents’ satisfaction ratings. If your staff are not fully empowered to do their job in an effective and efficient way, then they can quickly become frustrated with their client interactions. This, in turn, will have a negative impact on customer perceptions. Having the right systems in place that allow agents to find and view everything they need from one convenient place is one investment you cannot afford to be without. Avaya IP phone systems provide a great example of empowering agents with features like;
  • Mobile twinning
  • Chat and email messaging
  • Virtual handset
  • Anywhere, anytime on any Device
  • User friendly telephone handsets VoIP calls
  • Voicemail Call accounting
  • Auto attendant
  • Hosted platform
  • Conference calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Team and Customer Collaboration Tools
  • Digital Media Sharing

3 – Personalised Interactions

For a very long time, customer interactions focused primarily on getting questions answered and problems fixed as fast as possible. While this is certainly an important metric that indicates success, the result can be quite a robotic experience for clients. A recently published Accenture study revealed that 91% of people are more likely to shop and interact with companies that provide a more personalised experience. This means the ability to tailor client and agent interactions in a way that makes the client feel like the person they are dealing with knows and understands their full background with the company. Communication technology is moving towards developing app-like features that agents use to personalise customer interaction. Smart IVRs with callback and one-channel communication means customers do not wait on hold and speak to several different agents. Your business needs to have the right infrastructure to utilise this customer interaction. Speak to our experts for help on which IP phones, office headsets, SIP trunking or hosted cloud systems will work best to provide your agents with the right phone systems for personalised customer interactions.

4 – Intelligent Call Routing

No matter what studies you look at, one of the biggest pain points for customers interacting with a contact centre is constantly being on hold during departmental transfers. Fortunately, modern technology is able to deliver solutions that take some basic information from the client through an automated system. Ultimately, just a few interactive responses and some prior call analysis can help to pair the client with the most suitable contact centre agent. Virtual handsets and softphone systems with office headsets give the best customer solutions by enabling agents to interact with the customer easily by having the right information on hand and communicated easily when the call is dropped in.

5 – Fully Integrated System Architecture

By creating a fully customisable contact centre infrastructure, you can enable your organisation to adapt to new trends, innovative solutions, and, most importantly, to a growth in your customer base. With a fully integrated solution, you won’t need to find new systems and spend a lot of technology dollars in finding ways to integrate them. Solutions like this can naturally grow with your organisation and quickly expand when new technologies become available. The best-integrated systems use Unified Communications services with SIP Trunks or VoIP. VoIP works with peer to peer over the internet whilst SIP is a more advanced system enabling hundreds of calls on SIP lines over the internet. Our Fixtel SIP Trunk team can advise you on if your business should use SIP Trunking or VoIP.

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