Polycom Delivers One Click Connection to Skype for Business Video Meetings

Polycom® RealConnect™ solves a critical issue in the evolution of video conferencing, connecting Skype for Business video with other vendors

Microsoft Skype for Business users needing to connect video calls across a multi-vendor environment can now do so with the Polycom RealConnect solution for Skype for Business.

Participants can now using any video vendor, from Skype for Business, to Polycom and Cisco, and on any device,  can join a unified meeting with one simple click.

Customers simply want communication technologies to work together seamlessly and cost effectively. Until the Polycom RealConnect solution, Skype for Business video conferencing users could not meet or share content with participants using other video platforms. The result was a frustrating and difficult process for end users.

Polycom RealConnect technology eliminates this barrier by making everything work together and provides each end user with the familiar communication experience they’ve grown accustomed to. There are no requirements to learn complex dialing codes or new platform behaviors, resulting in more time spent on getting business done and less on learning a new service.

“Polycom RealConnect technology has continued to push the innovation curve, and its latest iteration allows for best-in-class Skype for Business collaboration with all other video platforms,” said Ashan Willy Senior Vice President, Product Management & Worldwide Systems Engineering. “Customers want simple and intuitive technology that works together with everything else they use in an economical fashion. With Polycom RealConnect technology, Polycom is simplifying the communications experience by bringing everything, and everyone, together in one easy step.”

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