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Image Mobile signal strength is considered an essential service by consumers. Nothing is more frustrating than poor mobile coverage impacting businesses or residents in apartments. If your business is struggling with poor mobile signal strength then it will affect revenue. Whether that’s revenue from tenants of apartments, workplace tenants or customers. You can improve the mobile reception and strength with mobile booster technology. There are a lot of websites online selling mobile signal boosters and repeaters to try and amplify your signal however, most of those products will most likely be illegal to use within Australia. A Cel-Fi Go Smart Signal Repeater is the only signal booster in Australia approved by Telstra for all networks and solves the issue of poor mobile signal strength.

Fixtel offers supply and install of cel-fi mobile signal boosters for;

  • Office buildings
  • Apartment blocks
  • Basement Car Parks
  • Body corporates
  • Education campus locations
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Retail spaces
  • Any building with poor mobile signal strength

With Melbourne and Sydney experiencing a growth in multiple dwelling development such as apartment blocks, ensuring the building provides occupants with a strong mobile signal is essential. Any mobile coverage issues will detract from the overall building tenancy value and property values.

What is the Cost?

Our site engineers come to your business and conduct a site audit to determine the best installation of the mobile booster/s. An example of simple Installation and supply for one unit starts at $3,000. Average install with 2 external antennas, 4 internal units working with two carriers installed and using 200 meters of cable with maintenance is around $12,000. These are two examples - one simple install and one more complicated. So the price could be anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 depending on what is needed. And for larger jobs, the price could be more, with a site inspection and quote we can give exact costs upfront. Read more on Cel-Fi Go Smart Signal Repeater and what they cost


Does it matter what carrier?

No, we can install for all carriers, each carrier will need a unit.

3G or 4G?

It does not matter if you have 3G or 4G or even both. Optus and Vodafone have multiband and Telstra requires a voice and a data unit for boosting. Our engineers know the specs for every situation and will install accordingly.

Is 5G signal boosting available?

At this stage not yet, but when they do become available all we need to do is use the cabling set up or run another cable to use the 5G.

Does a mobile signal booster fix a dead spot?

Remember it's a booster and can only boost the existing signal, our engineers will be able to confirm during the site audit if it’s truly a dead spot or a very low signal.

Do you charge for Site Inspections?

A site inspection costs $500 but is fully refundable with purchase and installation. A site inspection is vital to understand the problem. How poor the reception is, what carrier unit is needed, how many units are needed. It’s much more than just coming out and viewing the property. And we cannot install Cel-Fi boosters without a site inspection.

Do you need floor plans?

Yes, in most cases we need floor plans of the building/floor and need to know how many levels to the roof. It’s also helpful to tell us if any buildings or structures built around the building recently?

Does each unit require its own cable to the roof?

Yes, and it depends on your carrier. Telstra units require two units - one for voice and one for data. Vodafone units can do both voice and data. Optus units can do both voice and data. Please note - In a Body Corporate environment Fixtel will need permission from the body corporate to put units on the roof

Quote for Cel-Fi Go Signal Booster

The team will ask you questions to help them understand your connection issues and over the phone should be able to determine if a mobile signal booster is going to fix the problem. Who is receiving most of the complaints about no coverage in the company? How long have you had poor connection issues and how much longer is your contract before it ends? How often are you now using mobiles compared to desk phones and will this increase over time? We can install for one unit or multiple, as the leading Australian supplier and installer of Cel-Fi Go Smart Signal Repeaters, Fixtel works with single homes, body corporates, small to medium businesses and large corporate companies. Our team will set up a site inspection within 5 working days and deliver your quote within 5 working days of the inspection. This is to make sure we cover every option and make sure the installation is detailed and costed at the best price. If it is urgent and needed faster than the ten days for inspection and quote we can discuss custom arrangements.

The quote includes the following

  • Equipment required
  • Cabling required
  • Engineering hours
  • Site Costs

Optional requirements

  • 6 Ru Data cabinet - If you don't have rack space
  • Tray and brackets for mounting internal and external units
  • 1 Ru 6 way power board required if you have multiple units installed and don't have enough power connections
  • Maintenance pack
  • Software updates include when the Mobile towers upgrade their software. Units need updates for checking signal strength if the signal drops we will go out and recalibrate
A full and comprehensive business quote for Cel-Fi Go signal booster means your business gets exact costs and can see the full benefits Fixtel offers. Fixtel is Australia wide and covers Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin and all of the regional towns across Australia.  

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