ISDN Switch Off

ISDN product sales and services will slowly be phased out over the next few months.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a digital network technology that delivers voice and data as a digital signal over standard telephone lines. ISDN services are carried across the existing copper lines and will likely be disconnected when the NBN service is rolled out in your area.


Important Dates

Disconnections are expected to commence from June 2019 which will be in line with NBN Co’s rollout region disconnection timeframe and will continue until June 2021. Businesses will be disconnected from their old services 18 months after their area is declared NBN-ready. This allows enough time for businesses to organise alternative solutions for their phone systems. In the meantime, ISDN product sales and services will slowly be phased out over the next few months. 

Starting from January 31 this year, ISDN services will stop being available for sale to new customers. By the end of June 2018, ISDN services will no longer be sold to existing customers. However, existing customers will still be able to make configuration, software and record changes to their service during the period leading up to the final disconnection. The final exit date for ISDN is expected to be sometime in 2022.

The Next Steps

If you are an existing customer, your service will remain unchanged, and you will continue to receive your service on your current terms up until the disconnection date. You can also continue to order new ISDN services up until the end of June this year.

However, moving these services over to the NBN network is not automatic and your business may lose temporary access to your services if you do not make the switch within your designated migration window. It makes much more sense to look for other alternatives and make a move to a future proof service now rather than risk being disconnected unexpectedly at a later date. The rollout of the NBN means that IP based solutions such as SIP are the top alternatives for businesses.

Fixtel can help you transition from ISDN into a phone system solution that is right for your business. Contact us now on 1300 349 835 or send us an email at

Benefits of SIP

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a technology that starts a voice communication session over the internet or any other type of data network. This form of IP telephony uses SIP trunks and functions the same as a traditional phone line.

SIP offers more functionality than ISDN services and provides an option to utilise unified communication (UC) solutions. UC solutions allows your business to have voice, video, instant messaging and streaming media capabilities such as web conferencing. This gives you easy access to clients, partners and suppliers.

Most modern phone systems are IP-capable and if this is the case with you, you can transition into a SIP trunk solution straight away. If your phone system is not IP-capable, there are a number of other solutions available to you depending on your current phone system.

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