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Image From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, every business and industry has been affected in some way. Many had to quickly shift to a decentralised and remote workforce. The immediate challenge was how to connect employees to the business and continue productivity. Unified communications led the way in allowing remote employees to continue working from home and communicate easily.  Unified Communications and Collaboration is a network integrating various communications methods like video calling, video conferencing, email and VoIP calls on the one platform. The result is a streamlined and productive remote workforce communicating across one platform.  The pandemic has increased UC technology use in small businesses of less than 100 employees by 103% and a 36% increase in business with over 1000 employees according to a survey commissioned at the end of last year. This shows small businesses have adapted to UC technology quickly and the installation/setup is just as quick.  The ability for Unified Communications to be rolled out quickly and seamlessly is one factor that attracts business to the technology. The technology provides real-time communication like VoIP and email from any location and digital device. A workforce ready to work collaboratively from anywhere at any time. Which is why it has been integral to businesses continuing as normal during this unprecedented time of Covid-19. While UC&C technology was brought to the forefront of business operations due to the pandemic, the new technology isn’t going away. Whilst business and the community, in general, want to get back to life as normal and return to onsite working, the benefits of Unified Communications is recognised by all industries. The bar for business communications has now been set high and the way we work with communication technology like NBN phones, Cloud VoIP and Voice and Cable data. The way forward is collaborative platforms and technology, the tipping point has been crossed and no matter the size of your business you better get on board. 

 Avaya Cloud VoIP Services 

Hosted Communication services that future proof your organisation.  More advanced new features are available, in the collaboration tools and apps that allow your teams to better communicate with each other and customers.

Voice and Data Cabling Experts

When it comes to data cabling standards Australia has some of the most forward-looking requirements. Our team at Fixtel is fully trained to the latest advances in technology, including:
  • Structured cabling systems (Cat 5E, Cat6A, Cat7)
  • Underground data cabling solutions
  • Traditional fibre optic cabling networks (Fibre optic splicing and testing)
  • UTP, OTDR, TDR and all structured cable testing
  • SD-WAN and Broadband New LAN/office cabling
We are experts in all types of cabling installations, whether in ducted and non-ducted premises. For more information https://www.fixtel.com.au/services/voice-data-cabling/  NBN Compatible phones  Are you looking for NBN compatible phones? We can help! At Fixtel, we believe that choosing an NBN Compatible Phone shouldn’t be a hard task. Nor should switching to an NBNCo provider in your area like Truetelco. With a seemingly unlimited amount of service providers available we’ve made the task of finding an NBN phone system easy. Simply contact a specialist technician at Fixtel on 1300 34 98 35. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in the NBNCo network and Small Business Telephone Systems.

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