On-time Roll Out Guaranteed

  • No hidden costs
  • Budget Locked in
  • Simple and streamlined installation

Guaranteed Choice of Internet Service Provider to Residents

Residents able to choose any retail internet service provider
Plans usually up to 1Gbps and a great range of quality providers
Pricing often similar or better than the industry standard
Network actively monitored

Risk-free Delivery and Installation

Experienced team providing complete and tailored solutions
Government broadband policy compliant

Dedicated Project Manager

Always one call away from dedicated Project Manager
Highly experienced and incredibly responsive to all client requests/questions
Reliable and professional service at every step

Guaranteed Fibre to the Premise

Guaranteed fibre connection to each home and tenancy
Fibre capacity to provide internet, phone and more services

Turn Key Fibre Network Service

Fixtel provides Fibre to the Premise (FFTP) networks to broadacre developments. We are an alternative to the government’s NBN for developments without any existing copper infrastructure. Unlike some other privately owned fibre networks, our Broadacre developments provide choice in internet service providers. FFTP is equivalent to NBN and is a high-speed fibre broadband infrastructure. We can design your fibre optic network to get the best speeds, bandwidth and reliability for your customers. Fixtel with our wholesale fibre operator CoreFibre (sister company) build solutions for very fast data services. Compliant with NBN legislation but with the flexibility to be innovative in the technology of WIFI networks, 5G, ultra-fast broadband and fibre optic solutions.

We are an open-access wholesale provider and so ALL ISPs have equal access to the base network. Fixtel with sister company Core Fibre does not outsource everything like many other fibre providers. Our team delivers professional solutions for broadacre developers, building operators and owner corporations.

Over 35 Years Experience in Cabling and Installation

Fixtel has been in operation for over 35 years and we have completed various infrastructure projects across Australia. Our team provides specific Broadacre Projects Managers, Splicing Technicians and Cabling personnel with high levels of experience. The Engineers work closely with our clients to design, build and manage a reliable and state of the art ultra-fast broadband network.

  • Broadacre developments
  • Gated communities
  • Health
  • Education
  • Apartment/Strata communities
  • Building Management
  • Hotels/Hospitality

Broadacre Fibre to the Premise

What makes Broadacre developments unique is with no existing infrastructure like copper the ability to build state of the art fibre networks is not only an attractive selling point but provides an excellent opportunity for getting the best fibre rollout. The connection we offer is better than NBN as no older technology slows down the speeds.

Technology solution is based on Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)
Capable of progressing to a 10GPON service solution which will deliver up to 10,000Mbps per end-user

Our network solutions can be delivered by our own team fast and on time.
Network accessible by ISPs in and around Australia via our national network peering we have in place with the Internet Exchange of Australia (IXA)

With greenfield development, broadacre sites are forecasted to account for 40 per cent of the growth market. The need for Fibre-to-the-Premises with the best speed and the biggest capacity of all the communications technology is key to the infrastructure development of these sites. The government is deploying copper or coaxial cable, not fibre. That technology cannot compete with the speeds fibre to the premise provides. So by choosing Fixtel, a private company the community will benefit from the very best FTTP technology. Plus our infrastructure is underground, meaning development is not being visually hindered by power lines, antennas or satellite dishes. Urban planning is assisted by real-time analytics providing data and making long-term urban planning for the community easy.

Fixtels CoreFibre Network covers a broad range of other IOT services and products including:

  • Air conditioning and building automation
  • CCTV and Security
  • Access Control for doorways
  • Free to air TV and Foxtel Channels
  • Video intercom systems
  • Common Areas Wi-Fi access
  • Electricity & Gas Billing Services
  • Interface to home automation