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Do I Need Internal NBN Cabling after NBN is installed at My Business?

Phone, Data and NBN data cabling in Canberra

NBN brings new communication technology to your business that will change the way you use the internet and business phone systems. NBN cabling for businesses harnesses the technology and installing internal NBN cabling means you take advantage of your NBN connection. NBN Cabling will provide new points for NBN phones and workstations plus upgrade the existing ones. 

Ethernet cabling – CAT5 or CAT6 cabling is compatible with NBN and Fixtel NBN technicians can advise on how to best install NBN cabling to upgrade your phone systems. Or make existing phones IP enabled. 

NBN is more than just the internet, it means moving from analogue signals run on the copper network to the digital network run over an internet connection. NBN cabling provides high-speed connections making digital phone systems accessible to all businesses, VoIP phone systems, Cloud phones (no hardware) and Skype phones are much less than in ongoing communication bills than traditional phone calls. But it’s more than just phone systems that use NBN, any device run through a phone line needs to be IP enabled. 

What Systems use NBN cabling;

  • Office phone systems
  • Security systems
  • EFTPOS machines
  • HICAPS systems
  • Fax machines
  • Computer
  • Any device running on a phone line

These systems and devices will need to be IP enabled to run on the NBN. If you are unsure contact Fixtel for advice. 

Do I need a new phone system for NBN?

The common answer is no as you can purchase an ATA adapter which will convert an analogue phone system to an NBN phone system. But most businesses make the move to an NBN phone system as it reduces phone bills and expenses, plus gives access to new call technologies and features like VoIP phones and SIP phones. NBN phone systems that use NBN cabling run on the internet and cut out bills for phone lines and traditional calls. VoIP and SIP phone systems hardware is inexpensive and the features of these systems are extremely beneficial to business productivity. 

What is VoIP on NBN?

VoIP on the NBN means calls are sent and received via the internet. There is no difference from traditional calling to VoIP calling, both call landlines and mobiles. The big difference is in the telecommunication bills, VoIP on NBN is much cheaper. 

What is NBN ready phone?

A phone that is IP enabled, you do not need to purchase a completely new system – see more information here;


How Will The NBN Affect Your Business?

The mandatory rollout of the NBN means all business will need to adapt their communication infrastructure. If this is not prepared for, you run the risk of outdated technology that will not work once NBN is installed.

Fixtel can run the new NBN cabling in your office for phone lines and internet connections meaning all of your systems will transfer smoothly from the old analogue to NBN (digital). 

Why Fixtel for NBN cabling?

Fixtel is specialists in NBN cabling, data cabling and internet phone systems for businesses of all sizes. With over 25 years of experience across Australia, our expertise is second to none, we are the best in the business. To make sure we get the best outcome for your business, we look at your business structures, its goals, patterns of internet and phone usage and future planning. 

Future planning is a very important aspect as this will future proof your business and keep future costs down. 

  • Expert NBN cabling advice
  • Business to business service 
  • Installation for small offices to up to 50,000 employees
  • Specialized data expert teams
  • Additional Data management services
  • Over 25 years of experience

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