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Wollongong Business Phone System Installation

Avaya is the business phone model used overwhelmingly by most businesses in Australia. This is due to its high performance and security features plus efficient day to day running. Whether your business is small, medium or large, Avaya telephone systems will work. Another valued benefit is design features that offer minimum downtime. The systems can be monitored and fixed remotely, causing little disruption and fast resolution.

Fixtel is an Australian owned and operated company with over 25 years experience.We have partnered with many Wollongong business over the years and we understand the needs of regional offices. So if your business runs with just a few desk phones or 50,000 desktop phones, the Fixtel team can help.

Avaya Service Providers – Wollongong

Fixtel operates a dedicated Wollongong team and understand the local need of businesses. As leading Avaya service providers we can advise on choosing the right phone system, conduct planning and installation and provide ongoing repair and maintenance. Our services cover all business sizes and industries no matter whether its a few desk phones or complex private branch exchanges (PBX) to connect to multiple sites.

Avaya Support

Fixtel covers all support services needed to keep your Avaya phones running smoothly. With voice calls now using the same technology as internet and data, business can operate over different sites and communicate as if they were in the same room. Keep your communication running at its best with our help.

Fixtels support team provides the following:

  • Telephone support costs fixed at hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly rates
  • Remote and onsite support solutions
  • Individualised Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Administration of Avaya systems with engineering support
  • Regular phone systems monitoring and maintenance to prevent downtime
  • Online system for support ticket tracking – real time response
  • Round the clock monitoring solutions available
  • Moving of all phone systems to new locations

Avaya Telephone Model Designs

Avaya invests millions into its research and development and as such brings out the best business phone models. The phones are designed with features that enhance day to day business activity.Unlike smartphones that need upgrading every few years, your Avaya phones last. And newer models can easily integrate with older designs – as long as you use an experienced and leading company like Fixtel. Our technicians have continuous training and know every phone model inside out.

Selecting the right Avaya model for your business is vital. Especially or future planning. We can look at your budget and business and advise on the best model choices.

Contact us today for Avaya phone model advice

Avaya IP Office Phone System

Technology advancements have made huge leaps in the communication world. Voice calls now use the same technology as the internet. Your business does not need to operate like years ago with hundreds of phone lines and expensive, ongoing phone bills. Now voice calls transfer easily between national and international offices.

Voip Avaya systems work extremely well and at Fixtel we can help you make the selection suited to your business.If you are looking for a new Avaya telecommunication system speak to Fixtel and get the best advice.

Avaya Service Wollongong

Wollongong Avaya Technicians

Technical issues that cause downtime in your business cost money and can cost your reputation if happening repeatedly. As leading Avaya technicians we work behind the scenes of your business to prevent any breakdowns or downtime. The team remotely monitor and diagnose any issue and in most cases can remotely fix the issue. But if needed on site we can arrive asap.

It is also really important to identify why the issue happened, was it a one off or an underlying issue. This will ensure any future issue does not happen. Our helpdesk responds to all requests immediately which means any downtime is kept to a minimum.

Avaya Installations Wollongong Region

If your business is looking to relocate or setting up a new business then planning of your communications equipment and installation is important. Make the smart move and speak to us for all of your installation needs. When installed with mistakes Avaya phones (like any phone system) can breakdown and it is very costly to fix the issue. It may be to fix the issue we have to move cables that are fixed behind walls or under the floor. Not only will it be costly it will be disruptive. At Fixtel we operate with installations as a core of our business service. In consultation with you we work out the best installation plan.

  • Installation budget
  • Size of space and office layout
  • Number of phone (1 to 50,000 desktop capability)
  • Day to day communication needs
  • Avaya model design
  • Business type/industry
  • Future planning

In Avaya you have the best office phone system, make another great decision and have Fixtel work on your installation.

Avaya Maintenance And Repairs

Not all businesses have an inhouse technical helpdesk. If your business does not then we have the right solution. And best of all we will seem exactly the same as a inhouse team but without the same cost such as wages, superannuation and overhead costs. Your Fixtel team will provide regular monitoring and maintenance of your Avaya phone system. This reduces and prevents avoidable breakdowns and issues that greatly disrupt the day to day operations.

Our team conducts remote monitoring, maintenance and repairs. Because this is done with a remote system your business will operate as normal, as we work in the background. Business phone systems take setup investment, but the ongoing maintenance is much less. Do not make the mistake of irregular maintenance as this will bring unnecessary faults and cost you more in the long run.

Fixtel’s Avaya Maintenance and repair Wollongong team partners with your business to act as your inhouse team – but act a fraction of the cost. Speak to a Fixtel Advisor to find out how we can help your business.

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