At Fixtel, we believe that choosing a NBN Compatible Phone shouldn’t be a hard task. Nor should switching to an NBN provider in your area. With a seemingly unlimited amount of NBN service providers available we’ve made the task of finding an NBN phone system easy. Simply contact a specialist technician at Fixtel! Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in NBN an NBN telephones.

Nbn compatible Phone Systems

NBN Telephones

The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) is a national communications infrastructure upgrade that is gradually bringing high speed Internet connections to every household and business in the country. Comprising of a mix of cabled and wireless technologies, including satellite, this promises to future proof the entire country, ensuring that communications/ systems are fully integrated and available to everyone.

The concern that many businesses and even households have is whether their existing equipment, and often sizable investments, will remain compatible once they get connected to the NBN. This is especially the case for telephone systems that are still partially based on analogue technologies. How will these behave when connected to an entirely digital network? While this predominantly concerns business owners with office phone systems, it is also something that you have to keep in mind for your plain old fashioned home phones.

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NBN Compatibility

There is a significant amount of confusion around compatibility of older equipment, including analogue systems, and integration with the NBN. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many people being wrongly advised to invest in brand new equipment. If your existing office system hooks up to an onsite PABX, then you already have a digital setup that will work perfectly fine. However, many service providers have limited experience with some of the older systems. As a result they don’t fully understand the configuration changes that need to happen and prefer to recommend that their clients invest in newer equipment.

At Fixtel, our dedicated team has decades worth of experience that you can take advantage of to make sure that you fully integrate your existing systems with the NBN. If you have been notified of a connection date then speak to one of our advisors today for more details.

NBN Service Providers

We receive calls on a daily basis from new and existing clients about their concerns about NBN integration. In many cases businesses have been notified of a date they will be connected, and they are now worried that their phones will go dead. If you’re struggling to answer the following questions, then it’s time to talk to one of our advisors:

  1. What phones are compatible with NBN?
  2. Will your existing cordless DECT phones still work?
  3. Do I really have to spend thousands on completely new hardware?

As one of Australia’s leading business phone service providers, Fixtel has the unique advantage of over 25 years’ worth of experience. We have integrated many of our clients with the NBN and can fully advise you on the entire process to ensure a smooth transition without any dreaded downtime.

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NBN Telephones

Because the NBN is an entirely digital network, phones and business communications systems have to be configured with digital connections. If you imagine your old fashioned analogue dial phone, those will no longer be able to connect directly. There will be a grace period during which the old analogue and ISDN lines will still be available and serviced, however, it is best to at least switch to a digital connection to avoid problems in the future.

With our smart information on an NBN ready Phone System, you should now have the right tools to assist your purchase or lease of a new NBN Ready Phones.

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