WiFi & Microwave Installations

WiFi & Microwave Broadband Installations

Slow internet connection speeds are a thing of the past with WiFi & Microwave Broadband solutions

Wi-Fi and Microwave broadband solutions Australia wide

At Fixtel, we understand that organisations utilize broadband, satellite and wireless technologies to ensure staff have access to the tools they need for maximum productivity. These days, the reliance on instant communications via the internet is as important as any other major utility.

Fixed wireless microwave is a cost effective solution providing an alternative to NBN and ADSL.  If your business doesn’t have access to the NBN (and most of Australia fit in this category) or is suffering from poor broadband speeds, there are other alternatives such as fixed wireless to meet your voice, data and communication needs.   

If you are looking for secure solutions in regional Australia then satellite broadband may also fit your requirements.  The company has significant experience in satellite communications and understand the needs of businesses in remote locations who need reliable voice and data solutions.  Each solution is carefully designed and implemented to ensure the best outcomes for your communication needs.

Fixtel can assist your business with Wireless, Wi-Fi and Satellite solutions:

  • Wireless broadband installation
  • Wi-Fi design and rollout
  • Satellite antenna installations
  • Mobile tower managed services
  • Supply of Ka, Ku and C-Band bandwidth
  • Teleport services
  • International broadcasting channels
  • RF Design and radio wave propagation
  • Fibre optic services

Our motto is to treat customers as "long term" partners.   We have customers that have been with us for over 25 years and their recommendations are how we measure our success.

Call us on 1300 349 835 or contact us online to speak to a Fixtel Customer Solutions Adviser today about your Wi-Fi & Microwave Broadband needs.

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