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FIXTEL offers an enhanced set of Phone Systems and Communications
equipment aside from Voice and Data Network Solutions.

Telephone System Installation

FixTel offers an enhanced set of Phone Systems and Communications equipment aside from Voice and Data Network Solutions. Whether there is a need for a basic phone system or the latest in VoIP Telephony Solutions, FixTel will help in navigating through its entire process, like from the consultative design and selection up to training and installation through a continuous support. One local call will be connected to all the resources needed such as Customer Care, Repair and Billing Support  team, to attend and assist to the customers' requests or queries.

Ascertain compatibility of the equipment and network services

Not all phone systems are created equal. Upgarding a phone system may or may not be necessary, depending on its kind, to support the network service requirements or vice versa. FixTel ensures clients comprehend with the options and work to look and decide after its reliability and cost effectivity.

Minimize the conflict of transition on business

FixTel will organize every section of the installation process accompanied by site visits when needed for an unlined transition to FixTel.

FixTel offers priority queue for clients' service requests, vouched emergency response times, absolute end-user and system's training, rebates / discounts on future purchases and the likes.Telephone System products

Business Telephone Systems Solutions

FixTel communication solutions can be more than just a route call. Listed below are just some of the customized and designed solutions that will help the small or large business entities:

Empowerment of Remote WorkersPhone System Australia

Provide connectivity to employees working in and out of  their home by using the Voice over IP (VoIP) and traditional telephony solutions.

Facilitate Unified Messaging

Receiving and retrieving voice messages and faxes from email box or PDA.

Conferencing made simple

Combining audio and web conferencing to make meetings more efficient, effective and productive. Lessen and minimize travel and time allowances.

Recording verbal agreements

Automatically or on-demand record call conversations for easy lookup and verification purposes.

Enhance Customer Service

Directing calls, email, faxes, and chats to the right person instantly utilizing the advanced routing techniques/strategies.

PABX Telephone Systems & Maintenance

Avaya Phone System and PABX InstallationsPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange or PABX phone systems are an essential part of any business organization. These systems are functional and available from very small configurations like 2-phone lines and 4-6 extensions to huge systems handling hundreds of telephone lines and extensions. PABX Phone Systems are available in 3 models, Standard, VOIP and Hybrid. Moreover, these systems have different built-in and optional features such as voice mail, auto-attendant, number grouping, conference calling, call holding and transferring, call forwarding, mailbox and messaging, and more. It is a must to verify that all the features required by the business needs are unified and merged in the phone system, and also ensure that the system is totally scalable or flexible to meet the future business growth and needs.

All line cords, internal components, curly cords, external devices and accessories are soundly and well tested, and will be replaced properly if still in the waranty period. Strict quality control standards are to be applied totally to ensure that no faulty system passes into the clients' hands. In addition, Refurbished Phone Systems are also offered in a wide range and varieties of configurations, having the assurance that the units bear the company's approved stamp.

PABX  Installations and Maintenance

Except for some small private board exchange (PBX) phone systems, all other PABX phone systems will require installation by qualified and competent technicians/engineers of the manufacturer or dealer. These systems also need continuous maintenance and immediate service to avoid  extensive downtime that can affect the business operations. Therefore, checking the status or background of the supplier whether he has a proven experience with the particular PABX phone systems of the manufacturers is a must thing to do. Other aspects that should also be taken into consideration are the cost of installation, free warranty period and future maintenance costs with the supplier, aside from ascertaining the system configuration and its price.

PABX Phone System wiring

As a whole, telephone system wiring is done with twisted pairs of copper wires, and in a 2-pair wire, a set of red and green wires and another set of yellow and black wires will be found. Every set can have one telephone line, and in case of more phone lines, it is required to have a higher pair of wires. Phone wires mostly occur in 2 gauges, 22 and 24, wherein the latter is the normal standard for the phone industry. On the contrary, RJ-11 and RJ-14 modular plugs that can handle one and two phone lines are being used in the phone systems. FixTel have been dealing with the PABX phone system installation of all leading phone system manufacturers for more than 35 years and always aim to ensure that the installations will be done with the highest quality materials to provide a continuous, functional operation with the least possible failure instances.

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