Senior living needs reliable signal strength for safety and critical job responsibilities. Senior living environments need reliable connectivity for the communication of staff and residents. Residents’ communication with family and friends requires strong cellular coverage. Also, telehealth appointments for residents/patients can be a necessity, poor cell coverage will have a great impact on these essential services.


Hospitals have unique building designs and cell coverage is needed from the bottom car park to the top floor, and must include elevators, stairwells and lobbies. Mobiles are a critical digital tool for all healthcare workers and need strong cell coverage.

  • Digital patient records accessed via tablets and mobiles
  • Digital planning of rosters
  • Digital organisation for day-to-day running operations
  • Emergency communication between staff
  • Communication between patients and family/friends
  • Mobile check-in for patients in specialist clinics
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Telehealth applications


Retirement villages can be designed as multi-level buildings or single buildings across a large residential space. Cellular coverage is essential for safety and communication with family and friends. Telehealth needs may be higher in these senior environments and poor reception will impact these essential services.

If the retirement facility includes higher care living with onsite healthcare staff it is a critical job responsibility to have reliable cell coverage. This ensures safety in emergencies plus day-to-day digital applications such as rostering, patient files and telehealth services.