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What is MATV?

MATV (Master Antenna TV). It is a television distribution system typically used in large residential or commercial buildings to distribute TV signals from a central antenna to multiple individual TV sets. The advantage of using an MATV system is that it allows residents or tenants in the building to access Foxtel and free-to-air channels without needing individual antennas or satellite dishes.
MATV systems

Cost Effective

MATV systems eliminate the need for individual antennas or satellite dishes for each unit, room or site, resulting in cost savings for the facility or building. The improved signal quality means all residents or guests get a strong and reliable TV signal, ensuring a better viewing experience. Plus the system is customisable to any Foxtel package and free-to-air channels. Another benefit is MATV is centrally controlled making it easy for building management.

FOXTEL & Free to Air (MATV)

Fixtel technicians design the system to the specifics of each project. In addition to best design practices install on time and on budget. The entire system from each outlet to the main centralised control will be in spec to the current Australian standard plus any applicable Foxtel standard.

Planning the MATV system requirements is key in the early stages of development. Fixtel can liaise with Strata managers, building managers and developers to design the right MATV system. For example on greenfield site developments we install underground fibre, coax cabling or hybrid cabling and make sure the specs of the project are right for accreditation. And in upgrading older analogue MATV systems our technicians ensure complete digital upgrade.

Design and Installation Experts

MATV and SMATV (digital and satellite)
In-house channels added to the system
Design and Install
System Upgrades
Foxtel and Free to Air

Upgrading Tenanted

Older multi-dwelling buildings both commercial and residential have an existing MATV system installed before the switchover to digital TV.

Older buildings may also have cabling issues such as cables that have been corroded or disintegrated. Fixtel can re-cable the network and upgrade the MATV to SMATV with Foxtel and digital free-to-air. For larger buildings especially this requires strategic planning and design consultation with the relevant parties. Fixtel has years of experience in liaising with strata and body corporate bodies and we can run the project focusing on minimal disruption to tenants plus guidance in the planning process for building managers. We can assist with scheduling access, detailed reporting and drawings plus attend any committee meetings if required.

TV Satellite Dish

MATV (Master Antenna Television)

MATV systems allow multiple receivers (TV & FM) to receive signals from a single (Master) antenna, as opposed to individual antennas for each receiver.

Ampcom ensures appropriate cabling is supplied to cater not only to MATV but also for additional services such as distribution of CCTV and Foxtel throughout the premises.

Satellite and antenna cabling feeds from the roof and/or the street are also provided in our prewiring service.

All cabling is run back to a central distribution point providing maximum flexibility and opportunity for integration with other services.

Ampcom fully completes the services all ready for you to simply plug in the TV and auto-tune the channels.

Ampcom can also assist with the setup of your TV if required.


MATV systems provide a cost-effective, reliable, and user-friendly digital TV distribution solution for retirement homes, hotels, and large tenant buildings, improving signal quality, providing a wider range of channels, and enhancing the viewing experience for residents or guests.
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