Customers expect high-quality cell coverage in hotels and hospitality venues. In addition, the operational running of these venues also requires staff to staff digital communication. Digital amenities are provided to guests such as tablets with full concierge services accessible on them and digital room service menus. Corporate guests also require strong cellular coverage for voice and data to work from rooms. Plus event management for clients requires cell coverage for digital presentations. All of these requirements mean cel-fi coverage needs to be strong and reliable.


Smart technology has undergone huge growth in the hospitality industry from ordering through QR codes via mobiles to integrating digital applications in the backend such as rostering, ordering and table service.

In today’s digital world, hotels can’t afford to suffer from poor cellular coverage. In addition to treating guests to reliable reception and ensuring staff stay connected, advancements of cellular-enabled smart technology have allowed hotels to implement digital amenities that improve the guest experience. By delivering industry-leading performance, Cel-Fi’s cellular solutions for hospitality environments deliver reliable end-to-end coverage that allows everyone to take full advantage of their mobile devices.


Cel-fi solutions by Fixtel to provide full and strong coverage for hospitality venues and hotels. Speak to our team for pricing and installation specs.