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Need to move your phone system or IT Network? We can help with relocating or assisting businesses setting up in new locations

The Telephone System Relocation Experts

At the best of times businesses of all sizes will struggle to keep up with advances in the IT industry. There are constantly evolving technologies that provide more productivity and protection from malicious threats.

Keeping your IT systems running and performing at optimum levels will require a team of support staff. These are trained IT professionals who can answer calls from your staff about everything from problems with their desktop computers to Internet and phone connectivity issues.

Fixtel has been relocating companies for over 25 years now and we’re here to assist with pre-planning, new office phone system and computer network setup, and other relocation requirements. We understand that the process of moving your IT and telecommunications systems takes a significant amount of resources and planning. The faster and more efficient the approach, the less downtime for your business; and we understand that time is money!

Fixtel can assist with the following phone system and computer system relocation requirements with our 7 step communications relocation process:


Fixtel’s Project Manager will visit your current site as well as your new location to determine and compare the system you are currently using to give you succinct and to the point advice to inform you of removal requirements. We’ll prepare a suitable time frame that best suits your needs, but doesn’t compromise any relocation requirements.

Design and Plan

After conducting the inspection, we work together with you to plan and schedule what is needed to proceed in the most efficient manner possible.

Move and Relocate

The Fixtel team will supervise the move through decommissioning and checking of all the equipment to be relocated.


FixTel will coordinate telephone system relocation, voice and data wiring for your new location.


Once completed, Fixtel will provide any further recommendations we see throughout the process to optimise your telephone and communication needs.

Communication Services

If required, Fixtel will assist with selection of a suitable carrier service for your new location providing options on all available phone and broadband services in your area.

Test and Complete

All network equipment will be tested once relocated and configured as per specifications prepared and supplied.

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