Telstra Active DAS Solutions

Over the years Fixtel has developed a trusted relationship with Telstra and we provide Telstra mobile coverage solutions with Active DAS. Getting effective Telstra in-building mobile phone coverage for residential and commercial buildings is becoming a must.

People expect a seamless mobile phone experience in every location. Especially in multi-tenanted buildings like shopping centres, hospitals, hotels and high rise apartment buildings. The best technology to provide this is through Active DAS.

Telstra Active DAS

Telstra Active Das, distributed antenna architecture is probably the most common in-building mobile coverage solution. It works by extending the mobile coverage through the building via a number of antennas. This means the layout of the building does not affect mobile signals and equal coverage is achieved. The remote antennas can easily be adjusted individually without affecting the overall in-building mobile coverage. The benefits include web-based network management for monitoring and control.

Mobile Coverage Services

Telstra is Australia’s largest mobile network and therefore it is important that the Distributed Antenna Service works with all mobile carriers but vital that it is Telstra compatible.

The first step to getting an Active DAS system installed is to contact our specialist team. We will put together an installation plan and quote based on a thorough understanding of the mobile coverage services needed and the area/building.

The building size and location plus other factors help us to determine the best location for equipment, cable runs and antenna locations. Our team may need to scout the location and conduct an on-site survey for a feasibility study and make informed planning decisions to get the best outcome. This generally takes around one week.

In-Building Mobile Phone Coverage

In building phone coverage, IBC is vital telecommunications infrastructure and making Telstra mobile coverage excellent in indoor locations can be achieved via installing DAS.

Reliance on mobile phone signals is as important in the workplace as it is in the home, plus in public spaces like shopping centres and train stations. Buildings with dense material can have a lack of penetration via an outdoor signal and need in-building coverage.

Higher spectrum allocations and cellular coverage is delivered over RF spectrum and this is leased to Telstra by the Australian Government. The spectrum being used has increased in frequency over the years from 3G to 4G and moving towards 5G. The higher the frequency like 5G the less it is able to pass through building material. Mobile carrier networks direct smartphones to connect with as high a frequency as possible for best operating use. To get the best in building coverage DAS is needed to connect users to the highest available frequency.

Telstra Mobile Coverage Solutions

Fixtel has many years of experience in telecommunications infrastructure and will provide the best Telstra mobile coverage solutions for private and enterprise use.
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High Rise Buildings
Medical Centres
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