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Technology Advancements

Access control and intercom systems have seen several new developments in recent years as technology continues to advance. Some of the key new developments in these systems include biometric authentication, integration into the building via IoT and access control through cloud-based systems.

High Security

Access control systems increasingly use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and respond to security threats in real time. Advanced security for buildings and venues is achieved with intercom systems integrated with access control systems, allowing users to visually confirm the identity of visitors before access.

Comprehensive Solutions

Fixtel supplies and installs comprehensive access control and intercom system solutions. Systems to enhance security, safety, building health and operational efficiency.

Integration of access control with video management, intrusion alarms, building systems, business systems, and other data sources. By synthesising data in a single user interface, you can gain valuable insights and take action more quickly and effectively. We can advise the right systems to ensure that your security system is tailored to your specific business, IT, and system operator requirements.

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Get the Right Set-up

Our technicians provide a range of deployment options. These include browser-based applications, easy-to-install network appliances, and cloud-based solutions.

Whatever your needs, Fixtel can help you choose the right setup. Many access control systems now use biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition technology, to enhance security and convenience. Do you need a cloud-based system? Cloud-based access control systems allow users to manage access from anywhere, providing greater flexibility and control over the system, and more traditional mobile access control solutions allow users to use their smartphones as a key, providing a convenient and secure way to enter buildings and restricted areas.

Simple and Easy Installation

With over 35 years of experience, Fixtel is a leader in smart building technology. Get the right advice for your access control and intercom needs.
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