Integrated Communicatons Networks (Icn)


Network Control From One System

By implementing an Integrated Communications Network (ICN), it becomes possible to consolidate all of your building infrastructure into a single, easily manageable environment. Control BMS, IoT, cloud applications, Wifi, CCTV, lighting, security and energy control all on a common network.


Streamlined Solutions

Fixtel’s Integrated Communications Network (ICN) provides a streamlined solution for managing all of your building infrastructure in one place, eliminating the need to invest in and manage multiple systems. Installing an integrated network means a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage building infrastructure and smart services.

ICN Smart Technology Applications

Integrated Communications Networks (ICN) is the bedrock needed to build and run a smart building. It’s the gateway to smart technology and creates a cost-effective basis for continual upgrades. With an ICN you can increase network integrity and cyber security, plus it provides excellent scalability. An ICN with its high network availability can support traffic profiles for each application and scale availability. Most importantly an integrated communications network future-proofs for emerging smart technologies and advancements. And adding the cost-benefit of reducing the amount of infrastructure needed to run building services.



Benefits of ICN

  • Reduce capital and operational expenditure
  • Reduce downtime and improve customer experience
  • End-to-end security from building to user
  • On-demand network enhancements
  • AI system capability for network self-diagnosis
  • Single point of control for smart technology applications

ICN Design

The design process is comprehensive so we fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients. Our process involves several important steps, starting with developing IP schematics, which helps us to get a clear picture of the ICN architecture. We consider the fibre backbone design, PoE requirements, rack layouts, redundancy practices, VLAN configurations, port allocations, inter-VLAN routing, firewall and cyber security requirements, NTP services, network interface requirements, bandwidth requirements, and more. All of these steps are important to ensure we are creating a network that meets the needs of our clients. We work with our clients closely to understand their specific needs and tailor our design process to meet those needs.


ICN Installation

Fixtel can create an integrated communications network that is reliable, secure, and efficient. Our goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied with the network we design and that it meets their needs both now and in the future.

  • High rise buildings
  • Universities
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shopping centres
  • Sporting venues

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