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Optus In Building Mobile Phone Coverage

Optus In Building Mobile Phone Coverage

Optus Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Optus in-building mobile coverage or a distributed antenna system (DAS) is a system of grouped antennas set up in specific spaced geographic locations throughout a building/roof to boost in building mobile phone reception and coverage. Larger buildings like apartments and commercial buildings like shopping centres or high rises need a DAS because a single antenna will not provide the service levels expected.

Optus DAS

Fixtel can deploy an Optus compatible DAS which will provide extra network capacity in venues such as stadiums or auditoriums, these are subject to infrequent use but high wireless demand when they are used. For Optus in-building mobile phone coverage we can install a DAS system built for Optus. Plus it can also be upgraded to any combination of the major Australian mobile network operators.

Application of DAS for include sites like a university campus or retail centres take into account geographical and architectural features to consider. Our team will assess the site and advise on the best DAS to provide in-building coverage (IBC).

IBC (in-building coverage) is a necessity for commercial office buildings. Our team specialise in the design and installation of distributed antenna systems for larger sites such as multi-storey office buildings, high rise apartment buildings, medical centres like hospitals, universities and retail centres. We can also assist with smaller to medium sites to provide in-building mobile coverage.

Active DAS 4G and 5G ready with path to 6G

Fixtel can install ACTIVE DAS ready for 4G and 5G services, with an upgrade path to 6G. Existing Passive DAS systems are not suitable to deliver 5G and future generation technologies.

What Causes Weak Indoor Mobile Coverage

With improvements in building practices and a focus on environmental plus sustainable design and constriction, RF transmission signals cannot penetrate easily. This can be decreased penetration via the outer shell or between interior floors. Deploying a distributed antenna system will make sure mobile coverage gets to every spot in the building. Eliminating weak indoor mobile coverage.

Optus DAS Pricing

We can put together a full quote for providing Optus in-building coverage. Our team will gather information on the buildings size and location plus coverage needs.Sometimes we will require a floor plan. A desk-top survey can be completed from this information to determine the feasibility of the site. Depending on factors an on-site assessment is sometimes needed. Then in one week or less we can have your quote and installation plan ready.