Mobile Phone

Fixtel provides DAS compatible with Vodafone in building coverage. A distributed antenna system (DAS) is dedicated antenna infrastructure.

The antenna is installed strategically throughout the site to improve Vodafone reception. In building mobile phone coverage also known as IBC is deployed through DAS and not intrusive to the building. It looks similar to a smoke alarm, usually mounted on ceilings and small circular discs. Each disc emanates mobile signals to the targeted areas.

DAS gives high traffic buildings like commercial high rises or retail malls and gives a seamless end to end Vodafone reception.


Vodafone DAS Network

Our experience of installing DAS runs over 20 years and we can design, install and maintain DAS networks for all sized properties and commercial businesses.

Our goal is to ensure five-bar reception for voice and data to every space of the building. Poor mobile phone coverage will be eliminated. And we can future proof investment of a DAS network with 4G, 5G and path to 6G.

Whether you have a new commercial building or existing building needing improved network connectivity our Fixtel DAS team can help.

High Rise Buildings
Commercial Office Spaces
Shopping Centres

Distributed Antenna Systems are usually multi-operator shared by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

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Vodafone In-Building Coverage

Fixtel ensures any DAS installation meets Australian carrier-grade and MCF specifications. Working with Vodafone (and any other carriers) means we offer full turnkey DAS installation and ongoing maintenance.

Distributed Antenna Systems and (IBC) In Building Coverage solutions provided by Fixtel can be installed after hours or by set timeframes to reduce on-site disruption. Especially for general public sites like hospitals, universities and retail shopping centres we understand the commercial and sensitive aspect of DAS installation.

Fast and easy installation that meets the budget and timeframe is essential for all DAS services. Our services can be tailored to your exact needs, DAS analysis, installation, commissioning, walk testing services of DAS and IBC systems.

The walk testing will determine Macro site overlaps and pinpoint carrier-grade specifics to ensure DAS compliance.

The 4G network originally launched with data calls only. Other calls used lower frequency 3G. Now that 4G is more advanced and with 5G coming into play mobile phones look to the Vodafone 4G network (and 5G if available). What this means for coverage is that the higher 4G and 5G do not have the same footprint. And this means more dropped calls and low bar reception. A Distributed Antenna System fixes poor mobile phone coverage and provides excellent building coverage.

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