Avaya Contact
Centre Select

Providing customer service that exceeds expectations is not an easy task, and for a long time, small and medium-sized businesses were at a disadvantage due to the costs of implementing the latest technology.

However, with Avaya IP Office Contact Centre Select, there is now a viable solution that builds right on top of your existing Avaya office phone system.

And by fully integrating inbound and outbound voice, SMS, webchat and even fax communications, you finally have a solution that allows a small business to compete with the same tools available to large corporations.


Designed for maximum agent efficiency and effectiveness.

In order to make a customer experience more effective, agents need to have all the information available at their fingertips, without having to manually search in multiple locations, or worse, having to contact other departments. With the Avaya Desktop interface application, agents have all the available information in one location, no matter whether it’s an incoming phone call, SMS or a webchat connection that is being dealt with.
By displaying information about any previous interactions with customers, agents are immediately able to see the full context of a support or sales query.

Where Contact Centre Select’s real empowerment lies is in the automated and customer self-service features that can be configured. This can significantly reduce the amount of live agent time required, especially for dealing with very simple queries that can be automated.
With all the possible authentication steps taken care through an automated system, it also significantly reduces the amount of time an agent needs to spend on manually processing customer details.

And for increased work flexibility, the entire system can be set up for remote teleworking, allowing your agents to easily work from home.

Simplified and Effective Administration

No matter how large or small your organisation is, getting the configuration and administration of agent profiles right should not be a complex task requiring database knowledge. Avaya has created a simplified web-based tool that allows supervisors and managers to collaborate in a way that avoids duplication and errors while making the entire process faster.

Add to that the ability to create advanced and highly detailed reports based on historical and real-time data, and you have full capabilities to streamline your entire client interactions. By highlighting potential bottlenecks, or identifying increased call volumes early, you can better prepare for possible problems that might be surfacing.

With the tools available to managers, your organisation will be much better equipped to take immediate actions and avoid customer dissatisfaction.

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Built for Scalability

As a small and medium-size business owner, it’s always difficult to predict how future business will fluctuate. But the worst thing you can do is plan for small scale expansions in the technology you employ. Some of the biggest disruptions businesses experience can be down to the replacement of critical equipment and systems at a time when they are dealing with large growth potential. Not only can it put the brakes on growth opportunities, but the costs for such replacements can be large as well.

With Avaya Contact Centre Select, you have the capabilities to continue with any growth opportunities without having to worry whether your customer-facing systems will keep up.
Built to be configurable from just a single site organisation, up to 150 different locations, Avaya is the perfect solution for any growing business.

Increase customer satisfaction

One of the most critical aspects to increasing customer satisfaction is making sure that your system will route a customer to the best possible person to deal with the call. The fewer transfers that are needed, the more effectively you can solve a customer query.
Avaya Contact Centre Select can be configured to ensure that certain incoming calls and queries are transferred to the most appropriate teams based on highly configurable options like language, knowledge, incoming call volume and call history.

And by fully integrating phone calls, faxes, SMS and webchat services, you make it easier than ever before for your customers to contact you in ways that suit them best. This also means that there is always a way to be contacted, avoiding frustrations and ultimately creating a setup that delivers more satisfaction.

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If you believe that your business would benefit from increased productivity in your customer-facing departments, then make sure you give your employees all the tools they could possibly need to maximize their effectiveness.

Our dedicated team at Fixtel has over 25 years’ worth of experience implementing phone and contact centre systems for businesses of all sizes. We have the expertise to guide you through the installation and configuration process so that you get the highest return on investment possible.

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