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Commander Phone System For Businesses Of All Sizes

In the business communications world, one brand name has trumped all others when it comes to office phone systems: Commander. By keeping to a proven system of very feature rich and simple to use phone equipment, they have gained the trust of countless corporations and small businesses alike. By integrating the latest technology and security protocols, businesses of any size can achieve an easily scalable system that lacks no features. Ensuring that your existing or new installation is as effective and secure as designed, requires the expertise of a team of engineers and technicians.

At Fixtel, we have been configuring and servicing Commander systems for over 25 years, giving you the opportunity to partner with Australia’s leading service provider.

Commander Service Providers

Modern technology has allowed even the smallest businesses to be fully set up with a PBX phone system. Even just 20 years ago, this would have been an unrealistically expensive undertaking, but the Internet changed all that. The great thing about having a Commander system in place is that the technology behind the keypads is constantly being improved and updated. This ensures that you always have the latest security in place and are able to stay connected even when switching to the NBN.

As with all communications technology, it all comes down to an effective planning and implementation. The more carefully this is done, the more money you can save on installation and maintenance costs. Fixtel’s industry leading service packages will ensure that you get exactly what you need to achieve business success, without wasting time and money on a setup that doesn’t provide benefits.

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Commander Support

As robust and reliable as your Commander phone system is, technical issues can always develop through hardware and/or software problems. This can be a simple problem with audio quality, or worse, entire areas of your business losing phone connections. For some businesses these problems can be solved by an in-house support team that looks after all technology equipment.

However, such teams of engineers and technicians are expensive. And for the majority of small or medium size organisations this is not a justifiable expense. This doesn’t mean though that you should take the risk of prolonged system downtime. By partnering with Fixtel you can have a dedicated support team just a phone call away, without having to hire an entire team of your own.

Commander Desk Telephones

While Commander make a combination of desk and cordless DECT phones, it is the desk and conferencing systems that are the most commonly installed systems. The great thing is that once the backbone hardware is in place, you can easily add any of their desk phones, handsets and even headsets. The Commander connect phone system is so easily scalable that any business expansion plans never have to be limited by your phone system.

And with Fixtel’s support you can make sure that any existing older hardware that you may have in place is perfectly integrated with any newer devices you want to implement. For over 25 years we have encountered all of the devices produced by Commander. This enables you to make the absolutely most out all of your investments without requiring costly and unnecessary upgrades.

Commander Business Phone Configuration

As mentioned above, just 20 years ago, Commander and other onsite PBX systems would have been expensive to buy and install. Even when taking the advantages into account, such complex equipment was difficult to justify for most small and medium size businesses. The Internet changed all that and with Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, complex integrated phone systems suddenly became available to even the smallest organisations.

If your company is reliant on phone communications then you can save yourself significant operating expenses for local, national and international calls. Our team of technicians at Fixtel can provide you with all the information you need to better understand what your upfront investment would be and the resulting saving in your phone bills.

Commander Technicians

For any businesses that is heavily reliant on phone equipment for a smooth daily operation, any system downtime can quickly have serious effects on the bottom line. Unfortunately, sometimes communications hardware will fail requiring more than a simple reset or a remote configuration change. In the majority of cases, your dedicated support team at Fixtel will be able to do analysis remotely to quickly identify the underlying problem. But if an onsite fix is required, then you want to make sure that this can be handled immediately to keep downtime to a minimum.

Commander Phone Maintenance And Repairs

Whether you have an old commander phone system in place for the last 20 years, or you have the latest technology implementation, regular maintenance, monitoring and repairs will be required. By using one of our extensive service packages you can make sure that you reduce the risk of failures. At the same time you can keep the turnaround time for repairs to a minimum, as we will have a full picture of your system configuration on file.

By taking such proactive, rather than reactive, steps, it means that any problems require less time to analyse and map out. As a result, fixes are implemented faster making sure your businesses continues to operate with as little disruption as possible.

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