Walk Tests

In-Building Coverage and DAS Walk Tests

Walk-through testing for in-building coverage and DAS is important both pre and post installation. This is to ensure the system meets the specified requirements and functions correctly. Coverage testing measures signal strength and quality of radio frequencies, often testing for wireless cellular and radio coverage.

Pre-Install Test

Before installing the DAS/IBC system, a walk-through test of the building identifies potential coverage issues and assesses the signal strength and quality of radio frequencies in various areas of the building. This helps them determine the optimal locations for installing the DAS components and plan the installation process accordingly.

Post-Install Test

Post-installation we conduct another walk-through test to verify the DAS/IBC system is functioning correctly and meeting the expected coverage and signal strength requirements. This walk-through test helps identify any issues or defects in the system and allows any necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure the system is functioning optimally.

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Documented Walk-Through Tests

Verify the system requirements and specifications
Verify the accuracy of the data collected by the system
Check if the system generates the required reports and alerts
Check if the system is easy to navigate and understand
Verify the system’s ability to handle large amounts of data
Test the system’s response time under typical and peak loads

Construction Coverage Testing

Concrete, metal, and low-E glass can all hinder wireless signal strength and quality indoors, making coverage testing essential. Typically, coverage testing involves measuring radio frequency signal strength and quality, often for wireless cellular and radio coverage. The results are then processed to produce reports that are easier to analyse and plan the right size and location for IBC/DAS systems.

End-to-End Coverage Testing

Walk-through testing of IBC/DAS pre and post installation is crucial to ensure that the system provides optimal coverage for wireless communication inside the building.
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