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Voice and Data Cabling Installation & Maintenance

CAT5 / CAT6 / CAT7 and Fibre Optic and  Austel Certified, KRONE Certified

With over 25 Years in the Data Cabling Service
for building back-bone connections

Voice and Data Cabling Solutions Melbourne 
Aside from offering customized design, Fixtel's Business Cabling Solutions are also cost-effective giving you the best option to save more.

FIXTEL aims to bring you the best and latest trends in Voice and Data Cabling Installation technologies. In all our installations, FixTel utilizes technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet, UTP, cable trays, Cat6, Cat5e, KRONE HIGHBAND 25, wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot, wireless LAN, Wireless Networking at 108Mbps and Fibre Optic Cabling, in accordance with the clients's requirements and applications for their respective businesses.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, FIXTEL knows that Structured Cabling system acts as one of the vital roles in running a business. The operational function and effectuation of the Information Systems together with its networks can evaluate whether a business is earning, growing or moving forward, or even achieving the company's goals and objectives. FixTel's Structured Cabling systems can render an outstanding, effective, flexible and easy to use kind of system that can help any organization sustain, maintain and attain its vision of expansion in the future.

Data Cabling & Voice Cabling Specialist

  • Cat 5E, Cat6A, Cat7 Structured CablingSystems
  • UTP and ScTP
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Traditional Fibre Optic Cabling Networks
  • Testing to the latest International and Australian Standards
  • OTDR, TDR and all Structured Cable Testing
  • ISDN, WAN and Broadband
  • New LAN / Office cabling - FixTel is an expert in Cabling Installations whether in ducted and non-ducted premises
  • New and used Wall Mount Cabinets, PC Racks and Computer Cabinets
  • Analysis of all System Specifications
  • All Cable moves, adds and changes to the existing cabling infrastructures
  • Supply and installation of the required patching and patch panel installations

Telephone Cabling

New Telephone System Cabling for Alcatel, Samsung, Avaya / Lucent, Panasonic, Commander, Siemens, and Phone System Maintenance.
  • VoIP Network Business Solution
  • Network Infrastructure for VoIP: Switches and Routers
  • Network Infrastructure for 802.11 Telephony: Access Points and VoIP Gateways
Business Solutions
  • Business Phone Handsets
    FIXTEL offer New and Used Phone Systems from a wide range of leading brands.
    Business Phone Handsets
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
    Exceptional HD video conferencing systems for offices and meeting rooms.
  • Visit our Headsets Store
    We are a specialist supplier of the best new telecommunications headsets.
    Business Office Headsets