MEDIUM PHONE Fibre Optic Cabling For 21st Century Communications

If you mentioned fibre optic cabling just 10 years ago, your initial reactions would have been that it’s Internet technology for very large businesses and corporations. While it has long been the cutting edge of communications technology, it is now increasingly available to small businesses as well.

Our team here at Fixtel have been anticipating and preparing for such a shift in affordability, mainly because over 30 years of communications industry experience we have encountered one reoccurring observation: the technology used by corporations with huge budgets only takes a few years to become affordable to the masses.

MEDIUM PHONE Avaya-RingCentral Merge

With a $500 million investment from RingCentral in Avaya shows the growing strength of Cloud providers. This merge will deliver unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud communications and call centre solutions which will enable companies to shift swiftly to the cloud ahead of customer demand.

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