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Struggling with reception? A Telstra Mobile Signal Booster could be the solution you need!

Even though mobile phone technology has been widely available since the mid-90s, a lot of people still struggle with their mobile signal strength. Unfortunately, the placing of the mobile signal towers can still lead to areas on the grid where a very low signal is received. When you add environmental factors to that like thick brick walls or steel structures, then it’s no surprise that so many people aren’t able to fully enjoy everything their smartphones are capable of.

If this sounds familiar to you then it can be very frustrating at the best of times. And for businesses, it can prove very debilitating and give a very unprofessional impression. However, there is finally a booster for mobile phones that doesn’t just make promises but fulfils them.


Telstra Signal Booster

The Cel-Fi Go is one of the Telstra mobile boosters that is proven to deliver results. By strategically placing the device and the antennae you can solve the problem of poor mobile connections once and for all. This is the only Telstra approved mobile phone signal booster available in Australia.

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Optus Signal Booster

Optus signal booster for its network is now available. If you or your home or business uses Optus network we can assist your mobile strength and boost network with an Optus mobile repeater. It works as a mobile network booster, strengthens the network and rebroadcasts it to sites with weak or no network.

Vodafone Signal Booster

Vodafone has now released a signal booster for its network. Our team at Fixtel works closely to monitor any new communication technology. As such we regularly contact Vodafone to monitor and keep informed of any developments for a Vodafone mobile signal booster. Contact us about Vodafone signal repeaters now!


What Causes Poor Mobile Signal Strength?


Do These Problems Sound Familiar?

Any of the following are strong indicators that the place you use your mobile phone most has a poor mobile signal strength. This is more common than you might think. And if one or more of these sound familiar, then it’s time to consider high tech options. Which are cost-effective and work extremely well to boost your signal.


Slow Download Speeds

You can run speed tests using simple and free smartphone apps to tell you exactly how fast your data speeds are. Ideally, you can test this in different locations and then compare the results. If your home or office has very slow speeds on multiple devices then it’s most likely down to the signal strength. This becomes very frustrating if you want to stream video or music to your phone and it just constantly interrupts.


Missed And Dropped Calls

Another very common problem with weak mobile signal strength is that you suddenly see missed call notifications. These will pop up as text or voice messages and it will look like you had your phone turned off even though it wasn’t. What’s happening here is that the mobile towers are not able to create a strong enough connection to your phone and they assume that you’re out of range.


Low Voice Quality

A poor mobile signal will almost always result in very poor voice quality. This can be noticed when you struggle to understand what people are saying and there are breaks in the audio or crackling sounds on either end. In very bad cases this will make phone conversations impossible, or you might have to go to a specific room in your home or office.


Constantly Fluctuating Signal Strength

The best way to validate this is by having more than one phone experience the same problem. If the signal strength constantly goes up and down within minutes and even seconds then it’s a strong indicator that you are in an area with weak coverage from multiple signal towers. Essentially your phone will constantly switch between towers to try and get the best reception. This is also a contributing factor to the next problem.


Batteries Not Lasting Long

Even modern smartphones should last a full day when fully charged, depending on how much you use them. But if you notice that your battery drains faster in your home or office than in other places, then it’s probably down to a poor Telstra mobile signal. As a result, your phone is trying to boost its power to get a better connection. And this constant boosting and searching for a better signal is a huge drain on your battery.

If these common issues sound familiar to you then contact our dedicated team at Fixtel to have an onsite mobile booster assessment done. This is a free evaluation performed by trained engineers to ensure that the Telstra Signal Booster will deliver the best results.

Telstra Signal Repeater


The Only Proven Solution: Cel-Fi GO Smart Signal Repeater

If you have searched for a solution before then you probably found several products that are simply antenna options. Maybe you have tried some of these already. These options might give you a very slight improvement but are simply not worth the investment when you compare them to the Cel-Fi GO, provided by Fixtel. This revolutionary new product is 30 times more powerful than a simple antenna solution. And it is the only Telstra approved mobile signal booster, which says a lot about its effectiveness.


How Does It Work?

Essentially, it is a small box that uses an outdoor antenna to pick up the mobile network signal. It boosts the signal and transmits using an indoor antenna. The trick is to find the place where the best mobile signal is available. Then set up the indoor antenna in an area where the signal is the weakest.

With the Cel-Fi GO, you can boost the mobile signal over an area of 900 m2 and allow more than 20 devices to be connected. This makes it an ideal solution not just for residential users. And commercial office spacesstruggling with low signal power can solve a big communication problem with this one simple device. Our Fixtel technicians can pinpoint your signal issues and advise how the wifi signal booster can fix them.


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