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Modern day businesses simply cannot successfully operate without Managed IT services in Brisbane that support huge amounts of business processes. Some are more reliant on IT than others, but in all cases it is vital that you have support services in place for dealing with problems and keeping your systems running smoothly. In order to provide such services, you require a team of specialist support staff that are constantly being trained to stay on top of this fast changing world of technology. But such staff come with many costs, like wages, holiday and sick pay and superannuation as well.

And with commercial office space prices in Brisbane on a constant rise you will quickly find that having such a support team in-house may not be a viable option at all. You will be paying a hefty premium for office space in the central business district and areas like Northshore, South Bank and Fortitude Valley.

Adding up all those costs for a support team plus the amount of time it will take you to get it up and running smoothly, will highlight how much value there is in outsourcing to Fixtel. You will save time and money, and end up with a support system that can take care of all your IT needs. With Fixtel’s managed IT support team you can have a much more effective and efficient operation. You can achieve this without the need to hire one extra employee and it can be fully operational in a very short time.


Managed IT Solutions for Brisbane

When you hire a designated IT service provider for your IT system supports you gain a lot of advantages and benefits:

  • All your desktop support costs fixed at yearly, monthly, daily or hourly rates for more flexibility
  • Take advantage of remote support staff as well as on-site experts
  • Fully individualised Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Trained and experienced IT engineers for advanced admin tasks
  • Monitoring of IT hardware to identify failures in advance
  • Log support tickets online for simpler contact process
  • Most important business systems and data can be fully protected
  • Monitoring of network access and data throughput
  • Planning and execution of office moves
  • Dedicated account manager for faster problem resolution
  • Assessment and upgrade of business Internet connections

When you partner with Fixtel you gain the confidence that comes from dealing with an Australian owned and operated organisation. We are industry leaders when it comes to speed of answering support calls, as well as first call problem resolution. As a result we have many loyal client relationships in Brisbane and all over Australia that have been in place for over 25 years. To gain the same advantages, just pick up the phone and talk to one of our managed IT support advisors today.


Networking, Telecoms And Data Services

Because your phone, network and data systems are so critical to business success, you will want to take advantage of a fully integrated service:

  • Implement the latest ADSL business Internet technology
  • Improve your online connections across multiple sites with state of the art fibre optic
  • Fully planned and installed office cabling
  • Consultation and implementation for office IP phones
  • Dedicated team for onsite hardware repairs
  • Secure connection to business systems from remote locations using VPN
  • Sales advice on Cisco IT and telecoms hardware
  • installation of WiFi hot spots to provide a more mobile workplace
  • Cloud backup systems and data storage solutions
  • Full Windows desktop and server support including Office 365

Professional Brisbane IT Service Desk Support

With a dedicated team of professional support staff you will gain the feeling of contacting an in-house team with the benefits of an outsourced service desk:

  • Get answers to all queries regarding desktop software issues
  • Advice on increasing your operating system performances
  • Monitored network access points to protect against malicious attacks
  • Supervision and tweaking of network performance to avoid bottlenecks
  • Hardware equipment check-ups to identify problems in advance
  • Automated back-up and data storage facilities
  • Maintaining IP phone systems to ensure top audio quality
  • Support for enterprise software systems
  • One service provider brings you helpdesk support and onsite repairs

Additional Service Options

Avoid contracting and dealing with multiple service providers through Fixtel’s other services:

  • Domain name registration and web services hosting
  • Graphic design for online services including full website redesign
  • Expert advice on making sure you spend your IT budget on the most suitable hardware
  • Anti-virus monitoring and spam filters
  • Linux server integration
  • Microsoft Networking and Services
  • SQL and mySQL Database Management
  • Maintain and monitor servers to increase speed and performance
  • Customer relationship management to improve client interaction

Get More Out Of Your IT Budget With Brisbane’s Leading Managed IT Solutions

There are two things you want to have on your side when it comes to encountering IT related issues. You want to be able to get through to someone fast. And you want to make sure they can solve your issues with the least amount of downtime. That can only be achieved with a team of highly trained support staff and engineers. And Fixtel’s 24/7 support options will help your organisation, whether you have 1 desktop unit or 50,000 spread over multiple sites.

For over 25 years we have been supporting businesses across Brisbane,  Gold Coast, North Brisbane & North Queensland, South East Queensland. The results have been long lasting relationships and exceptional client loyalty that is unmatched in the industry. If you want to take advantage of the fastest help desk ticket resolution times and make your IT budget go that bit further then contact one of our advisers today to take the first step towards creating a more effective IT operation.