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Fortinet Security Software: Scalable Solutions That Adapt To Your Business Growth

SecurCyber it is a very hot topic in the IT industry and constantly in the news with reports of breaches in companies and government departments. But most people simply think of anti-virus software and secure passwords without actually looking at the full picture.

It happens too often, that we analyse clients’ security environments only find out that there is little more than out of the box virus and malware protection in place. This leaves all types of businesses, small and large, open to attacks that can originate from anywhere in the world.

Security Goes Beyond Malware Protection

While malware protection does a good job of securing your IT and phone networks from viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojan horses, they don’t actually do much to secure your data and access points. If someone can gain remote access to your data storage, client information, financial transactions, and employee’s personal data, then you are leaving yourself open to serious risks of lawsuits and financial damage.

You have a responsibility to secure any information that you are entrusted with, and this requires several approaches.

Secure Data Exchanges

You might think that sending an internal email within your office or transferring some files to a company server is protected by restricting physical access to your building. But these types of communications often leave your building before being sent back in. The more distributed your systems are, the more likely it is that data doesn’t just move internally. And the only way you can ensure its security and integrity is by implementing the latest security solutions.

But even when data is exchanged and stored solely on your local network, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t vulnerable to an attack.

Network And Access Security

Whether you have a single office location or dozens of branch offices that are interconnected, securing your network and data access points is absolutely vital.

Hacking is no longer just done by some bored kids trying to see how far they can get. Criminal organisations have invested millions into sophisticated hardware and automated systems that will find any possible vulnerability.

But security solutions like Fortinet are specifically designed to protect you from such organised attacks and to make sure that your business is protected.

Cloud Integration

More and more businesses are moving to Cloud-based solutions for many of their communications needs. While these solutions have advanced security features in place, this still leaves you vulnerable at a local access point.

Security for local, cloud and hybrid infrastructures is not the easiest thing to configure, especially if it involves multiple different service providers. This is often an area that business owners and managers underestimate, as there is a perception that everything in the Cloud is secure.

What Does Fortinet Offer?

Fortinet is one of the leading security software companies in the world, providing fully customizable solutions for businesses of all sizes. State of the art security should not be a luxury for large enterprises, and that’s exactly what Fortinet solves.

SME To Enterprise Solutions

The product solutions offered by Fortinet cover every possible data exchange and access point that your organisation may have. Irrespective of whether you run a small business with a handful of computers, or a large organisation with thousands of employees, you will enjoy the same level of security. What Fortinet has done is pre-configure their systems for different sizes of business to make the installation and configuration more straightforward.

Organisation Wide Security Solutions

The Fortinet Security Fabric platform takes a holistic approach to network security by allowing you to fully secure applications, servers, access points, Cloud services, all forms of communication, as well as protect from disruptive and malicious attacks like Distributed Denial of Service. It leaves no aspect of your infrastructure untouched giving you one central point to control and monitor all your security needs.

Wired And Wireless Protection

Wireless communications through 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi have long been seen as Achilles’ heels of modern technology. But with the right security systems in place, that really doesn’t have to be the case. Fortinet Security Fabric has been designed to take care of all communication types and fully supports wireless and wired systems.

This means you don’t require multiple different security systems and instead take care of everything from one place.

Partner With Fixtel’s Security Team

Our security team at Fixtel has been working with Australian and international businesses for over 25 years to bring them the best possible security protection. In a rapidly and constantly evolving environment, you simply cannot afford to not have the latest security in place. Hackers and criminal organisations will find and exploit any outdated systems and vulnerability, so make sure you have Fixtel on your side in this constant and evolving battle.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your company’s data and communications security, then contact Fixtel’s dedicated security team today.

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