Cloud Telephony


Cloud telephony is a communications infrastructure that is hosted, managed and maintained in the Cloud by Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs). All of the important features of the telephone can be customised and easily configured online which include call recording, voice calling, video calling, auto attendants, interactive voice response, conference calls and one number reach. Users can access all those services from any location and on any device that has access to the internet including desk phones, mobiles and computers.

Businesses will have complete control over the system as it allows them to change configurations straight from their online browser control panel. The hosted provider can also make changes for you and they will be able to assist you with any problems. No dedicated tech team is required to manage your Cloud Telephony system.



Most Cloud Telephony Services are available on a subscription basis with low upfront and ongoing costs compared to setting up and maintaining a physical PBX on premises. There will be no need for your business to purchase costly equipment or upgrades. Most hosted providers offer fully managed services for a hassle-free communications and lower IT costs. Businesses of any size can benefit from Cloud Telephony systems.


Users will be able to connect to the cloud and easily access important services from anywhere. This is especially useful for businesses that have multiple locations and for employees who are always on the road or work remotely from home. Users will be able to access important information such as their contacts, call histories and missed calls from anywhere as long as their device can connect to the cloud. Workers will no longer be confined within the office.


Cloud telephony offers full calling statistics and detailed analytics that can be accessed online and can be collected to aid in business decisions. Telephone usage can be monitored, controlled and reported with proper statistics. This system develops transparency for both consumers and providers. The data can be measured and optimised which can improve business processes, employee productivity and customer experience.


Users can add devices that can access the Cloud Telephony system such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Cloud Telephony can be integrated with CRM or other ticketing solutions for seamless communication and improved customer service. Innovative businesses who need new forms of communication such as video, content sharing, and virtual rooms will greatly benefit from cloud telephony’s multi-modal accessibility.


Cloud telephony is dynamic and can easily scale with a business whether they are expanding or downsizing. It can easily accommodate an increasing workforce and scaling down doesn’t leave any redundant hardware which eliminates recurring costs in terms of onsite space and maintenance of the hardware. There will be no need to worry about maintenance or resource scaling since your service provider will deal with all of that for you. All you will need to do is let them know what you require. This telephony service is a great choice for companies that need to scale their communications in a cost-effective way.

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