Data Cabling

Modern technology means homes need much more than just a home landline for communication. In fact it’s not uncommon for homes to not even use a landline anymore.

Data cabling and fibre is common place now for internet connections. And internet connections are no longer just for the home computer.

Smart TVs, home automation systems, multimedia, gaming equipment – all of these need home data cabling. Fixtel is the leader in home data cabling services and installation. We offer the best pricing and expertise for Data cabling Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia wide. Some of the main data cabling uses in the home are:

Home Audio Visual Systems
CCTV Data Cabling Installation
Home Office VoIP Handsets
NBN Connection Cables and Points
Solar System Inverter Connection to Home Internet
Home Automation
Multimedia Home Internet Connection (Xbox, Netflix, Foxtel etc)
Home Theatres
Alarm Monitoring System
Home Office

Most new homes these days are built with full data and voice cabling infrastructure. Fixtel works closely with many residential builders in performing the installation works. And one of our most requested residential services is installing data cabling to existing homes.

Technology these days especially with the rollout of the NBN network requires data cabling. Call us on 1300 349 835 or contact us online to speak to a Fixtel Customer Solutions Adviser today. We can advise on all your home data cabling installation. Fixtel is Australia wide and offer the fastest and best data cabling services.

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More Home Data Cabling Services

Fixtel technicians and installers come to your home ready to install your data cabling with minimum disruption to your home life. We always work with respect and to high standards.

Installation is completed as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Our customers often say they are worried about holes in walls or floors ripped up, even garden beds destroyed if they get data cabling installed in their home.

We can assure you that during the assessment and planning stage we devise installation to have minimal effect on your home. And of course we run everything by you for the seal of approval before any work is started.

Data Cabling for Data and Voice Networks
Pre-wiring New Homes or Renovations
Trenching and Pipe Installations
Central Splitter Filter Installations
ADSL, Fibre Optimisation bringing Faster Speed
Design Network and Wireless Home Fitout
Telephone Points
NBN Fibre to the home pre-wires & cabling
Data cable fault repair/report
Design and implement home networks and wireless

Fixtel provides data cabling installation and services across Australia from the capital cities to regional locations. We can book your installation any day of the week including weekends.

Our advisors can answer any questions or concerns you may have over the phone or even by online enquiry. As a leader in the field, Fixtel have worked on many different styles of homes and know what is going to work best for your individual needs.

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