Fixtel offers the very best in cloud based phone systems and global communication. We are a leading RingCentral partner. RingCentral is a global provider of UCC communications; cloud based unified communications, and they have now launched into Australia. This is the next evolution in phone systems, offering much more than traditional phones, virtual PBX and VoIP systems. RingCentral offers an internet phone service that is fully secure, cost-effective and has every communication tool and app on the one platform.

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Flexible and cost-effective, unified communications will completely change your workforce communication by unifying every communication tool into the one, easy platform. Productivity will be opened up to a whole new way of being – this is the way to evolve your business to the next level.

As an Australian RingCentral partner, Fixtel can offer RingCentral’s platform of call management, conferencing, HD video meetings, and team messaging in one collaborative solution. Does your business have more than one location or conduct global business? If you are searching for a better phone/PBX solution then speak to our team at Fixtel about RingCentral’s cloud communications.

Unify all Communication Tools

RingCentral app provides all your business communication needs on the one platform and gives real-time communication anywhere in the world at your team’s fingertips. They just use their RingCentral log in to get started.

  • Voice
  • Team messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Video meetings
  • Webinars
  • File sharing
  • Shared calendars
  • Collaborative project management tools
  • Connect with any device

With UCC communications all of your communication tools are rolled into the one online cloud platform, eliminating the need for maintaining on-site PABX hardware. Plus having just the one provider bill for every communication tool. Fixtel can help you decide on soft-phone or handsets, perhaps a mix of both that will compliment the RingCentral cloud system.


Moving your business communication to RingCentrals exciting technology means a secure and collaborative system. Everyone in the business can access communication tools from any location making everyday business functions more productive and effective. It is not complicated or hard to use, in fact, it provides real-time access to any location, making day to day functions like meetings or conferences easy. Video conference into meetings or conduct a webinar to multiple locations, the team collaboration tools are endless.

Fixtel is one of the first RingCentral Australia partners and we are experts on how to implement the cloud technology seamlessly into your day to day business functions.

Ringcentral Voip Features

Secure and Safe, End to End Security

The cloud system is encrypted from end to end, meaning between all endpoints no matter the device. It is enterprise-grade security architecture and will protect your data and every communication. The redundant network and infrastructure are protected by multiple layers of physical and logical security. RingCentral data centres are audited regularly and in compliance with the standards, (SSAE 16, PCI-DSS level 3, and ISO 27001). You can have peace of mind with analytics-based, automated fraud detection and mitigation.


Glip is a team collaboration tool that provides chat, file sharing and task management. RingCentral’s Glip app opens up new collaboration opportunities and businesses using this app have verified that their workforce didn’t collaborate enough pre-Glip. The software app provides free messaging, group chat video and task management tools.

  • Shared Files
  • Create tasks
  • Manage tasks
  • Project actions, timelines, items etc
  • Ability to assign teams
  • Screen share in online meetings
  • Unlimited posts, users, storage

Glip can be downloaded to iOS, Android, the web and desktop apps making access to Glip fast and easy.

Fast Deployment

Fixtel can easily deploy RingCentral unified cloud system to your business. We can work with you to advise on a variety of services and plan the best integration strategy and deployment for your needs. Because RingCentral is a global unified communication platform their connectivity is through a private backbone that is independent of local telco operators but still offers local access numbers in Australia.

RingCentral prioritises quality of service as one of its main drivers. One of the points of their system is that it has a direct connect service. Your business can directly connect to their cloud by provisioning a Direct Connect circuit. Your business can still choose any internet provider once transitioned to the service. Fixtel will transition your business over with on-site deployment and no downtime during the transition.

RingCentral Live Reports

Gain operational insight and trend analytics with Live Reporting and customisable reports.

RingCentral provides high-level analytics suitable to call centres and small business. Every business benefits by gaining insight to live reporting on team/agent performance through to customer service experience. RingCentral Live Reports is offered as an add-on feature to your RingCentral Office phone system.

Live Reports provides dashboards that are easy to read and understand, making clear live performance plus operational trends. Customisable reporting to measure and monitor statistics gives your business access to key information and insights to improve processes and functions.

  • Colour dashboards
  • Real-time communication patterns
  • Monitor call traffic
  • Analyse queue data
  • Easy to spot emergent patterns
  • Productivity metrics, (time on call, abandonment rate, call patterns etc)

RingCentral Office add on feature Live Reports provides great insight by making the data configurable through many levels; user, department, location and more. It makes monitoring set KPI’s and SLA’s simple and unambiguous for both employees being measured and managers monitoring their department levels. For call centres a great feature is the ability to convert the dashboards into wallboards for better visibility and motivation.

Features and Benefits of RingCentral

Local Numbers

Your business can select from a variety of phone number options. Providing local presence and brand recognition opportunities.

Cloud PBX

Cloud phone solutions revolutionise your businesses fundamental communications from phone system, call management, user and client experience. The cost is a fraction of outdated PBX hardware and the cloud phone brings so much more opportunity to your business, opening up the team collaboration revolution to your business.

Integration with Existing Apps

RingCentral can be integrated with the apps your business uses;

  • Desk.com – click to dial and automatic case creation with incoming calls.
  • Dropbox integration – archive and record messages automatically to dropbox.
  • Google integration – make calls from Gmail, fax directly from google docs etc.
  • Microsoft – make and take calls with 365 and Outlook, schedule meetings/conferences with Skype.
  • Okta – login securely to RingCentral communication system and integration solutions with the one password.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud – make calls within Oracle Sales Cloud, view call logs etc.
  • Salesforce – make calls with one click and log call notes to contract records.
  • ServiceNow – Increase service management and call efficiency. No need to switch between phone and app.
  • Zendesk – integrate RingCentral and create a new ticket automatically when a call arrives.


A new paradigm in collaboration for your workforce, share files, manage projects, conduct video conferences, the possibilities are endless. No matter if your workforce is mobile across Australia or the world, the cloud phone system allows real time communication on any device.


Cloud phone service can be administered across all your locations and integrating every user and device. VoIP phones allow calls from anywhere internet is available and Desk phones or IP phones can be connected with RingCentral Plug & Ring ready, with industry-leading voice quality and all the features you expect from an office phone.


With Ring Central your business can display its name when making calls and also switch on and off caller id for both incoming and outgoing calls.


This feature allows one-touch calling from any phone or Internet-enabled computer.


This feature provides an easy way for customers to contact your business from anywhere in the world.


Analogue telephone adaptor (ATA) makes connecting to a standard analogue device to your RingCentral service simple. Then connect to the internet and have all the VoIP benefits in the device. This works for any phone – desk phone, conference phone, cordless phone, or even fax machine.


A comprehensive communication app for desktops RingCentral phone connects all communication tools into the one app. Voice, fax, conferencing, online meetings and flexible call management. The intuitive interface is easy to use and manage making it seamless to integrate.

RingCentral Messaging

Advanced messaging capability on any device your business uses. Send unlimited texts use one business number for voice, fax and messages. You can use the RingCentral Phone for iPhone, iPad and Android and easily mobilise your company phone system.

Contact Fixtel for advice and more information on RingCentral Unified Cloud Communication. As a leading Ring Central Australia partner we can connect your business to the next evolution in communication.