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3CX Cloud VoIP: Flexible Installation Options Like no Other

Enterprise level communications systems are generally complex and involve significant investments in hardware and equipment. While the transition to the Cloud has greatly reduced these costs, there has always been a gap in the market for a pure software solution.
  • What if I train my team and they leave?
  • What if you don’t train staff and they stay?

And that is exactly where 3CX has stepped in to provide a software PBX that can be installed on-site using your own hardware, or alternatively on a large selection of cloud service providers.

Essentially, you’re not tied to one service provider, and if you already have some cloud services built out, then the chances are good that you’ll be able to further expand on those with 3CX to create an enterprise solution at a fraction of the costs.


What Does 3CX Hosted PBX Offer?

3CX offers a unified communications solution that takes care of all your phone, fax, voicemail, as well as text/audio/video chat services. Whether you’re connecting employees in one office or on multiple sites, you will no longer be relying on multiple different service providers.

There are also very flexible features included to help you build out better communications channels with your customers, whether that’s over the phone, web or through mobile platforms. Basically, 3CX provides everything a modern organisation requires to become more productive and less reliant on complex systems.

How Will Your Organisation Benefit?

One of the most obvious cost savings with this software PBX is the huge costs savings. While the user licence doesn’t include the use of hardware, even when you factor in the cost of a Cloud server, you will still see significant cost savings. But you shouldn’t get hung up on just focusing on the cost savings, as the feature-rich system is going to provide you with many operational benefits as well.

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Available to Install on Different Cloud Platforms

This is by far one of the biggest flexibilities you can gain with 3CX. Most businesses these days, even small start-ups, will have some level of Cloud services in use.

Companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and OVH to name just a few, are fully compatible options for a 3CX installation. And if you prefer to keep your critical communication systems on-site, then it’s just as easy to install and configure on Linux and Windows servers as well.

Full Internal and External Communication Channels

3CX offers a scalable and easy to configure phone system that allows for simpler and more effective connections between employees in single or multi-site organisations. Especially for outside calls to international locations, the cost savings on phone bills can be huge.

But 3CX is so much more than just a phone system. You can configure state of the art text, voice and video chat services along with meeting and conferencing functionality that will make your teams far more productive.

The same technology also allows your clients and vendors to stay connected using web and mobile app technologies. Making it easier and more efficient to connect with your teams, will boost your productivity and bottom line.

Mobile Communication out of the Box

It should come as no surprise that the world is shifting to mobile technologies for ever-more business and personal functionality. In fact, mobile data usage has exceeded desktop usage, and that trend is further continuing in that direction.That’s why 3CX has integrated mobile apps in a way that make sure you never miss a call, chat or message.

3CX System Integration

While integrating 3CX on a small scale with few other systems already in place is relatively easy, this does become increasingly more complex if you have legacy hardware and software in place. It is an open system that can be configured to work with many different communication services, but doing this in a way that minimises disruptions requires careful planning.

You first need to fully understand what you can and should transition, and which order will ensure that there is no negative impact on your operations. It can happen too easily that simple planning and configuration errors lead to lengthy service outages.

Partner with Fixtel for a
Seamless Transition

Our dedicated Cloud services team at Fixtel has been working on a legacy system and Cloud integrations for many years and has over 2 decades’ worth of experience in creating business ICT solutions. You can take full advantage of this experience and have a team of fully trained and experienced engineers and technicians take care of all the installation, upgrade and maintenance needs that you have.

Rather than head on a steep learning curve and worry about such transitions, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of with no disruptions. That kind of assurance allows you to focus on your business and growth opportunities instead.

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