Staying ahead of hackers and criminals when it comes to data and network security is becoming an ever more difficult task. Criminal organisations and governments are spending millions of dollars on technology and equipment, all designed to make life difficult for business owners. And you don’t have to be running a large organisation with thousands of employees to become a victim of cyber-attacks.

One of the most advanced tools available in this constant battle comes from Palo Alto Networks, and it is fast becoming a favourite in the security industry.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Many business owners undervalue the data they store, and only once it has become compromised will they understand how disruptive the loss can be. But data loss is only one part of the problem. It is becoming far more common for business owners to be blackmailed over stolen data, including personal and financial information about clients, vendors, and employees. Add to that the potential cost of legal action and you start to get a picture of how valuable data security actually is.

Preventing Internal and External Attacks

While external hacking is still one of the more common problems, you also need to protect your systems from internal attacks as well. This can happen through social hacking, where hackers gain physical access to your offices. But it can also happen unknowingly through a virus or malware brought in through an employee connecting a phone or memory stick.

Protection For Your Local Network And The Cloud

While malware protection does a good job of securing your IT and phone networks from viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojan horses, they don’t actually do much to secure your data and access points. If someone can gain remote access to your data storage, client information, financial transactions, and employee’s personal data, then you are leaving yourself open to serious risks of lawsuits and financial damage.

You have a responsibility to secure any information that you are entrusted with, and this requires several approaches.

Protection For Your Local Network And The Cloud

Because so many companies are moving to cloud-based services, there are now additional points of access that can become vulnerabilities. Generally, people think the Cloud is synonymous with security, but this is not always the case. For maximum protection, you have to make sure that you don’t leave any doors unlocked, as even the smallest holes will be exploited.

Avoid Falling Victim To Criminals

The automated systems that criminal organisations have in place are constantly scanning the Internet and local networks for known vulnerabilities. As soon as they are detected, these systems go into overdrive and can very quickly penetrate your infrastructure.

Unless you have security in place that is constantly adapting and learning how to improve its protection, you will be leaving yourself open to attack.

What Does Palo Alto Networks Offer?

Palo Alto Networks is a suite of Firewall and threat prevention systems that offer protection for your entire ICT infrastructure. But the systems have been adapted one step further with an automated threat learning platform. Using artificial intelligence, Cortex constantly learns and adapts to potential threats and actual attempts at breaching your systems. It is open and fully integrated, meaning that it can be deployed for a multitude of systems and services.

Next Generation Intelligent Firewall

This allows you to instantly identify any malicious access attempts and immediately neutralise them. It’s an industry-leading Firewall that is being constantly updated with new and innovative solutions. As attackers become more sophisticated and knowledgeable on potential vulnerabilities, the Firewall learns how to accurately and effectively defend against them. It sends a clear sign that you are protected and can often be enough to send hackers looking for other victims.

Threat Prediction, Prevention, And Elimination

What Palo Alto Networks does best is run a system and network diagnostic to get a full inventory of all connected hardware. The built-in algorithm can then predict where the most likely points of attack will be to focus immediate attention on them.
This prevents the risk of attack, and if breaches have already occurred, it will eliminate them from doing any more damage.

Automated Security Platform

Cortex is an advanced system by Palo Alto that has been created on an artificial intelligence basis. Essentially, it will learn from attackers’ behaviours to predict further actions. It’s like having a security guard at your premises constantly looking out for someone trying to break in. The algorithm learns exceptionally fast, meaning that new types of attacks are quickly neutralised before they can pose a major risk to you.

Team Up With Fixtel

Because cyber threats can impose serious financial losses, it is an area that you don’t want to ignore by hoping for the best. The more exposed you become, the more likely that automated hackers will identify you as easy prey. Fixtel has got more than 25 years’ worth of experience in the IT and phone security industry, and our dedicated security team is on standby for all your needs. By partnering with us, you will guarantee a fast threat assessment of your entire infrastructure.

Once this is in place, we can advise you about the best possible solutions to make sure you are fully protected. Call one of our advisers today and find out how we can give you the peace of mind to focus on your business.