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Fixtel is a trusted Sip Trunk provider with over 25 years of experience connecting businesses with the best telecommunications. Sip trunking is a service that connects onsite IP PBX phone systems to internet calling and Sip trunks are connected on both public internet plus private IP connections. 

Do you need business-grade IP and trunking connectivity? We provide complete system redundancy and on-site or off-site Australian technical support. To start with our technicians will check your existing internet connectivity and give advice on any upgrading needed to ensure maximum uptime and productivity with the SIP trunk network rollout. 

Sip Trunking is a powerful communications technology and essential if your business is moving to IP phones and communication. A Sip trunk is a digital phone line enabling calls in and out via the internet – voice calls and video calls. PBX equipment is connected through SIP trunking to IP phones and networks and delivers excellent uptime, increased productivity with features such as video conferencing, remote calling and Skype for business. Sip provides simultaneous calls and sip lines. Also, telecommunications costs are slashed with Sip trunking compared to traditional phone lines. 

What does Sip Trunk Stand For and is SIP Trunking Good?

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol
Trunk – the connection between two points
PBX – Private Automatic Branch Exchange
UC – Unified Communications

Sip trunks are the best choice for companies wanting internet calling via a PBX or UC platform. To install SIP Trunks your business needs an existing phone system and qualified Fixtel technicians. Traditional PTSN/ISDN plus IP phones are able to be connected to SIP trunks. This means you do not need to upgrade your entire phone system and handsets when upgrading to Sip trunking and NBN.

Which is Better SIP Trunk or VoIP

The easiest way to know which is best for your business between SIP Trunk or VoIP is that SIP Trunks are business-grade and VoIP closer to retail grade. Fixtel can advise you on which is more suited to your business needs and provide the best price for SIP Trunk installation and service. 

SIP Trunks deliver a bigger multimedia platform, much more than just voice calling and business that wants complete telecommunication services such as video phones, Unified Communications and Skype for business should choose SIP.

SIP Trunks or Hosted PBX systems

To use SIP Trunks an existing PBX or UC platform needs to be set up by Fixtel. SIP gives a lower CapEx (capital expenditure) largely due to not needing to upgrade the phone hardware and handsets. A hosted PBX system costs more than SIP as you must upgrade to hosted PBX handsets.

Cost of SIP Trunk Calls

SIP Trunking works by turning voice or video communication into data delivered by the internet. It is received as either an IP call or analogue call. As SIP calling uses the internet, not traditional networks the call rates are much cheaper. Converting your business to SIP Trunking will mean much cheaper business communication costs. But also provide scalability and improved communication quality. Scalability due to the virtual nature of SIP, if you need to add or reduce more channels this is simple and cheap. 

The average savings to businesses that switch to SIP Trunking is 60% on monthly phone bills. The call rates are less and with SIP, landline rental fees can be eliminated by reducing lines you do not need. SIP providers allow for exact line/channel numbers not in bundles of ten or more as common with ISDN lines.

How Much SIP Trunk Capacity Do I Need?

Decide on the SIP Trunk capacity needed for your business during the planning phase, SIP is measured in channels and trunks. Channel is the call and Trunk the location, each trunk can support a number of channels and concurrent calls. An example common for small offices is 2 or 4 channel service. 

If your business is changing from ISDN it is easy to replace expensive ISDN lines with a VoiceLink service. This is a type of SIP Trunk that allows for an unlimited number of SIP channels. Fixtel can advise your business on SIP Trunk capacity. 

SIP Trunk Handset/Phone Compatibility;

  • Avaya
  • RingCentral
  • 8 X 8
  • Genesys Pure Cloud
  • 3CX

The Best SIP Provider

Fixtel offers the best SIP Trunk setup cost with uptime assurance and fast rollout. We are an Australian wide company with SIP technicians in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide, plus we provide SIP set up and technical services to remote locations. 

SIP Trunk testing is also a service our technicians commonly perform for business and we can provide guidance and advice on SIP roll out or scalability for your business. 

  • Business to business service 
  • Installation for small offices to up to 50,000 employees
  • Specialized SIP and UC expert teams
  • Additional Data management services
  • SIP Trunk testing
  • Over 25 years of experience

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