Along with cloud solutions, Unified Communications Services have become quite a buzz word in all areas of Australia’s economy. Because of the easy integration and full scalability, these digital media and communications platforms are fast becoming the number one choice for businesses of all sizes.

The days of trying to integrate multiple different tools, services, and vendor solutions are quickly coming to an end. Instead, businesses can now have all their communications needs implemented on one system.

This doesn’t just make internal and external communications more efficient and effective, but it also increases your return on investment, while decreasing overall costs. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.


Business Cloud Services

When people think of cloud services, they often just look at it from the point of view of data storage solutions. While this is where the concept of the Cloud originated, it goes far beyond having a convenient and safe data repository.

Unified communications enable businesses to create a much more advanced technical solution for most areas where staff, vendors, and clients interact.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Desk and Soft-Phone Systems
  • Team and Customer Collaboration Tools
  • Digital Media Sharing

Instant Messaging

Being able to connect team members in different locations more easily is one of the big communications advances that instant messaging brings. Many questions that need to be asked don’t require a conversation, and with group messaging, you can also reduce the amount of time taken up by meetings.

Through unified communications services, you can even bring that one step further and provide an instant messaging platform for your customers to reach you. You’ve probably noticed this kind of feature on many business sites, where you can simply type in your question rather than having to pick up the phone.

Unified Messaging

While the Internet managed to bring people and organisations from all over the world closer together, this all happened in a slightly fragmented way. Things like voicemail, SMS, instant messages, faxes, email, and video messages are all separate forms of communications and digital media.

What unified messaging allows you to do is access all these different forms of digital messaging from one interface. It’s a far more efficient way to stay up-to-date with all incoming and outgoing messages.


Unified Communications Services provide a lot of benefits that go beyond providing a more effective and integrated system for all your internal and external communication needs. All the businesses we have worked with have reported significant operational benefits that all lead to a leaner and more cost-effective organisation.

Reduced Costs

Because you no longer have to run, service, maintain and pay for multiple different pieces of technology, you will experience significant operating cost reductions. Combined with a move to entirely IP-based technology, you can also remove the majority of the most costly up-front expenses. Even SMEs can gain cost efficiencies of up to 40% with a well planned and executed implementation.

Full Business Integration

As the name suggests, this type of service fully integrates all aspects of your business. Whether it’s internal communications for staff from different divisions, or you need a more flexible way to stay in touch with vendors and clients, having all the technology under one roof is the best solution.

With increasing reliance on both on and off-site staff, not having such a fully integrated solution can actually pose a significant risk.

Improved Productivity

By being able to communicate and share information in real time at any time and from any location, you simply cannot avoid creating a platform that will make your staff more productive.

Companies that we have worked with for unified and cloud-based communication solutions have all reported much stronger performances on all teams along with improved customer satisfaction rates.


At Fixtel, we have been working with small start-ups, large multisite corporations and everything in between for over 25 years. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians are constantly training on the latest technological advances to ensure you get the best possible solutions at any given time. When it comes to Unified Communications Services, we’re able to provide you with a full-service solution that includes assessing your current system and identifying how they are best upgraded.

Support And Installation

Once we have a full picture of all your existing systems, we can provide you with a plan of action to start moving you towards the latest available technology including cloud-based options.

All your configuration and installation needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus on running your business rather than worrying about the technical stuff.

Post installation support is also something our teams pride themselves in, with monitoring and maintenance support options available.

SIP Trunks

At the core of all Unified Communications Services is a technology called SIP Trunk. While most people are familiar with the term VoIP, this is not to be confused with SIP.

VoIP is essentially the technology that transfers audio from peer to peer over the Internet, SIP is a different technology with a more advanced scope to establish, terminate and modify digital media sessions.

Our team has many years’ worth of experience getting these critical SIP Trunks configured to avoid unnecessary downtime and quality of service issues.

Contact our dedicated team today to find out exactly how your organisation can gain a significant competitive edge.