Maviner Crossfire N2RU

Mavenir network software provides end to end cloud solutions and is integrated with virtual RAN architecture with an open digital interface into Sunwave’s CrossFire™. This means carrier-grade wireless for small and medium enterprises. Digital integration of Mavenir’s OpenRAN with Sunwave’s CrossFire ™ brings new power in mobile network deployment. It gives an immediate path to 5G, true OpenRAN production-proven platform supporting 4G/5G for Enterprise and Private LTE.

CrossFire ™ N2RU is a digital transport platform for mobile networks and GigE IP on fibre optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The N2RU platform is in the CrossFire 2.0 generation which supports 5G technology from 360MHz to 3800MHz, plus future RAN virtualisation.

“Our partnership with Mavenir will bring carrier-grade in-building wireless to small and medium enterprises. The digital integration of Mavenir’s OpenRAN with CrossFire™ is a revolution in mobile network deployment” said Johnson Li, General Manager, Sunwave Communications.

Mavenir DAS solutions

Mavenir DAS solutions mean no lock-in contracts with vendors or expensive end to end hardware. With a move to 5G networks is important to have telecommunications infrastructure in place to support 5G. A sure in bandwidth cannot be accommodated without DAS – distributed Antenna System.

Fixtel can advise on using in conjunction with Mavenir’s enterprise portfolio. Providing a complete end to end network solution for operators and enterprise customers.

High Rise Buildings
Commercial Office Spaces
Shopping Centres

Distributed Antenna Systems are usually multi-operator shared by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Mavenir Distributed Antenna System

Fixtel can install and maintain Mavenir Distributed Antenna System. 5G network architecture for businesses will enable ultra-reliable and low latency services. DAS that supports 5G means enterprises small and medium can also harness 5G business-grade benefits.

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