The Ascom IP-DECT gateway bridges traditional DECT infrastructure with modern IP_PABX via the LAN (Local Area Network). This is a cost-effective solution as it integrates with your existing telecommunications infrastructure. Meaning your original investment in DECT technology remains strong whilst allowing low-cost but superior add-ons such as Ascom’s IP-DECT Gateway to improve the whole system.

A simple and effective way in which to combine on-premise legacy telephony services with modern, state of the art technology for IP communication.


  • Direct connection to IP-PBX via LAN
  • H.323 or SIP protocol over IP
  • Secure SIP over TLS and SRTP
  • Web interface for configuration and software upgrade
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local power supply

Voice over IP and voice encoding

  • H.323 version 4 incl. H.225, H.235, H.245
  • H.450 with H.450.1, H.450.2, H.450.3, H.450.4, H.450.6, H.450.7, H.450.8 and H.450.9
  • SIP with RFC 1889, RFC 2327, RFC 2396,RFC 2617, RFC 2782, RFC 2833, RFC 2976,
  • RFC 3261, RFC 3262, RFC 3263, RFC 3264,RFC 3265, RFC 3311, RFC 3325, RFC 3326,
  • RFC 3420, RFC 3515, RFC 3555, RFC 3680,RFC 3842, RFC 3891 and RFC 3892

External connectors:

  • 2 ×   RJ45, 10BASE-T/100BASE-T Ethernet interface
  • 2 ×   RJ45, Sync Ring I/O interface
  • 2 x   RJ45, Reference Sync I/O interface
  • 16 ×   RJ45, ISDN UPN DECT base stations interface