Avaya Scopia


Offering streaming, recording and video collaboration capabilities

Avaya Scopia is video conferencing solution that offers streaming and recording capabilities as well as interactive features of video collaboration. Business meetings can be broadcasted in real time with the ability to reach a larger audience or can be recorded and stored in the system for ease of access. The video collaboration capability allows users to conduct business meetings, training and other collaborative activities even when participants are not all located in the same place. This allows businesses to save time and become highly efficient as they will not have to hold meetings multiple times to accommodate out of office workers and different time zones.

The Scopia video application offers a simple portal access that lets users browse, find and watch recorded meetings, join live streaming sessions and locate upcoming meetings. The application also offers universal playback so users can view recordings and connect to streamed sessions with their favourite device. The Scopia streaming and recording service supports PCs, MACs, Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

The software offers dynamic updates to show ongoing or upcoming events and the ability to sort through the video library using categories like most viewed or recently added. This lets users easily find and access recorded videos or streaming sessions. There is also great flexibility for the content creators in displaying their videos. They can add titles, thumbnails, descriptions, keyword tags and organise videos by existing and custom categories to make it easier for their videos to be found by their target audience.

The Avaya Scopia makes it easier for anyone to produce high quality video content with its streamlined workflow and easy to use capabilities. The features and functions for the Avaya Scopia eliminates the complexity of streaming, recording and distributing high quality videos. Meeting hosts can effortlessly broadcast and schedule interactive meetings to a large audience without the need of IT personnel to manage the session. Videos can be recorded in full 1080p HD which includes wideband audio and data.

There are a variety of video conferencing systems offered with the Avaya Scopia application to suit all business types and sizes. These systems create an immersive, lifelike conferencing experience that makes it feel like they are there in person. Proper installation of these conference kits are required in order to get maximum video and sound quality for your content. Below are the following Scopia Room System that Fixtel offers:

  • Avaya Scopia XT 4300 Room System
  • Avaya Scopia XT 5000 Room System
  • Avaya Scopia XT 7100 Room System
  • Avaya Scopia XT Executive 240 Desktop System
  • Avaya Scopia XT Teleconference Platform

Avaya Scopia Platform provides a cost-effective approach to video conferencing with the flexibility to meet the individual requirements of each customer deployment. For more information on the Avaya Scopia system, give us a call on 1300 349 835 or email us for more information on Avaya Scopia  and we’ll help you find the right conferencing solution for your business needs. We offer a free assessment of your boardroom or existing conference system.

Avaya Scopia Solution Guide Version 8.3.3