Avaya Breeze


Improves and expediates existing business communication processes

The Avaya Breeze is a development platform that improves and expediates existing business communication processes. Applications created using the platform can work in conjunction with any device or system and its capabilities extends across all communication systems including calls, messaging, web and mobile applications, video and much more.

User experience for employees and customers can be customised and optimised using custom applications created in Avaya Breeze. This helps developers and businesses build and deploy solutions that drive higher levels of worker productivity and customer engagement. The application’s simple interface and its ‘snap-in’ features allows users to create their own communications processes and deploy them successfully without prior development skills in communications applications.

Avaya Breeze provides a secure application platform where workflow designers and java developers can create and dynamically deliver advanced communication capabilities. It has an easy to use API and a robust Software Development Kit (SDK) which makes it simple to use and does not require the developers to understand the details of call processing to develop new solutions.

The ease of use of the Avaya Breeze platform significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to develop and release an application. What used to take months to create will now take days or weeks which enables the developers to focus on improving user experience instead of the application development and delivery challenges. The virtual nature of the Avaya Breeze ensures maximum flexibility in delivering solutions which minimises the hardware requirements for customers and other users. Developers have a choice between building apps from reusable parts, integrating apps they created with other apps or creating apps from scratch.

The Avaya Breeze offers a variety of business solutions including:

  • Using the visual workflow building tool to automate manual processes
  • Incorporate and streamline any communications method
  • Design processes to improve customer experience and gauge their reactions
  • Collect data and use that information to prioritise and personalise customer services
  • Improving team collaboration by simplifying group formation and speeding up response times

Avaya Breeze makes it really easy and quick to develop communications applications. The applications created in Breeze are called ‘snap-ins’ because these new functions can be added, or ‘snapped-in’ to existing programs. Any function involving communications including video, voice, messaging, presence management, email, customer service, data access and more, Avaya Breeze allows users to create ‘snap-ins’ for it.

Avaya Breeze makes it easy to improve workflow as it is a platform that focuses more on the design of business communication processes and less on the application programming aspect. This enables anyone to be able to create workflow solutions to optimise business procedures. For more information on the capabilities of the Avaya Breeze and how your business can benefit from its use, give us a call on 1300 349 835 or send us an email at service@fixtel.com.au