Avaya Equinox


Gives other devices the functionality of a deskphone and allows you to work anywhere

Avaya Equinox is a phone application that provides users the functionality of a normal phone from any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet that is connected to the internet. This allows users the ability to use their own device as an office phone using their office phone number and enables them to access communications related information at their convenience. The softphone application is accessible on both Android and iOS on mobile and on both Mac and Windows on the desktop platforms.

As well as basic phone features such as making and receiving phone calls, the Avaya Equinox application also offers more advanced options such as call transfers, directory searches, voicemail access, conference calls and much more. This gives businesses a huge advantage as the application gives users the ability to work anytime and anywhere without compromise.

The Avaya Equinox client also supports presence management and instant messaging, so users can easily connect with colleagues, customers and partners. The instant messaging application can send a wide variety of multimedia files such as images, videos, audios and other generic documents in real time whether your contacts are online or offline. The client also has the ability to escalate a messaging conversation into a call or a conference with a single button.

Its ‘mobile first’ design includes a home screen that keeps all your communications information in one place and gives you an overview look of your activities for the day. Users will be able to quickly see any upcoming meetings scheduled as well as any new messages and communications history. Avaya Equinox already embeds communication capabilities into your browser which lets users access information directly from other web-based applications such as Salesforce or Microsoft Office 365. The Avaya Equinox combines all communication capabilities into one single softphone application which removes the need for separate communications apps. This gathers all communications solutions in one place and allows users to get more done in less time and drive higher levels of productivity.

Users can share a portion of their screen or the whole desktop for a conference call to view all participants. Equinox supports all different modes of call and video conferencing which includes features like high-quality audio, web collaboration capabilities and rich HD video. Avaya Equinox also supports streaming capabilities and can broadcast live-streams to up to 100,000 viewers.

The Avaya Equinox is fully compatible with the Avaya Breeze Platform and is part of the new Avaya Aura Platform. It is a highly scalable solution that can be delivered in the cloud or on premises either by itself or as a package with the Avaya Aura and/or Avaya Breeze. Regardless of the approach, Avaya Equinox is a great solution for workers on the move and helps businesses drive productivity and enhance performance. For more information about how Avaya Equinox can help your business drive higher levels of performance, speak to our experts today on 1300 349 835 or send us an email on service@fixtel.com.au.We provide free onsite quotes to properly assess your specific business needs.