Avaya Aura


Unifies networks, devices, media, applications and presence across a common platform

The Avaya Aura platform is a collection of communications products that are combined together to deliver Unified Communications (UC) solutions for businesses. With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the Avaya Aura unifies networks, devices, media, applications and presence across a single common infrastructure. Theplatform supports worker collaboration and can be adaptable to the specific needs, devices and locations of any user to enhance their interactions with colleagues and customers.

The platform is made up of 5 different components. Each of the 5 components add unique features to the platform and when combined, offers the user a wide variety of communications options at their fingertips.


The Session Manager builds on existing equipment and applications makes it possible to integrate and operate between PBXs and other communications systems. It enables workers to manage users and multimedia communications features across Avaya networks and third-party communications systems. The session manager allows them to access real-time communications services from any location and enables them to take their communications ‘profile’ and preferences with them anywhere on the network.


The Communications Manager provides real-time voice and video communications solutions. It delivers more than 700 services for unified communications which includes multimedia conferencing, messaging, auto attendant, customer contact and support for mobility. The communications manager is flexible and can support a variety of devices including SIP, H.323 and legacy digital and analogue devices.


The Presence Services is a multi-protocol platform that collects, aggregates and publishes a user’s presence to and from multiple sources and clients. It serves as a common collection/distribution point for information on user presence and availability. The Avaya Aura Presence Services operates across Microsoft desktop applications as well as other third-party applications. This allows colleagues and clients to see whether you’re available on any device and applications integrated with Avaya Aura including desktop, instant messaging, deskphone, softphone, mobile phone or SMS.


The System Manager is a browser based configurable gateway for all the services and enables network administrators to set up and manage groups, users, preferences and other available features that require configuring. It is a secure and centralised management console that provides an easy solution for network management.


The Application Enablement Services is a set of software interfaces that allows connectivity between external applications and the Avaya Aura Communication Manager. Using the Application Enablement Services enables software developers to write client applications in the programming language of their choice. This allows customers and DevConnect partners to integrate hundreds of communications and business applications with the Avaya Aura Platform.

The Avaya Aura platform increases collaboration with workers having easy access to collaboration capabilities and they can easily remain active and productive while on the go. Mobile teams can quickly engage, interact and work together with audio, video and web-based services with a single click or swipe of the screen. This turns mobile devices into a competitive advantage for the business.

The platform handles communication effectively with a wide variety of call options available. Its easy to use features saves time and increases worker efficiency, focusing more on business than technology. Customer service will be greatly improved through the data capturing and reporting capabilities available on the Avaya Aura. Users will get a chance to see customers’ interaction histories and social media posts and can use that data to improve operations and maximise customer engagement.

The Avaya Aura is a reliable and adaptable platform that support capabilities and applications that are available now and in the future. The system is scalable and will be able to adapt to new technology which will save costs in the long run.