Mitel Phone Systems: Cloud And Onsite Solutions That Support Operational Efficiencies

Mitel Networks Corporation is one of Canada’s oldest communications companies and an industry leader in innovative solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. Their company motto is “Powering Connections” and that is certainly something they achieve.

Whether you just need phone systems to connect a few small offices or you’re looking for a full contact centre solution, Mitel has scalable solutions that allow you to adapt and integrate in a gradual way.

Offering Cloud and on-site systems, you have huge flexibility to have your business processes dictate your technology needs rather than the other way around.

What Does Mitel Offer Modern Business

Mitel offers a one-stop-shop solution for all your phone, contact centre and collaboration tools so that your teams can work as effectively as possible. Rather than solve for your communication needs through multiple different service providers, you can achieve everything you need on one platform.

Over the years, we have installed these systems both on-site and in the Cloud for businesses of all sizes. The satisfaction rates are extremely high, with clients always impressed with the efficiencies they gain from this solution.

Business Phone Systems

Mitel offers both Cloud and on-site business phone systems with a strong shift in uptake on the Cloud side in recent years. The functionality is the same; it mainly comes down to whether you want to invest in and maintain your own hardware or bundle it into a cloud user licence. Mitel offers a large range of desktop phone, DECT technology, and softphones, which give the modern business environment a lot more flexibility for staff to work. Not being tied to a specific location in order to communicate, means that you will never miss any calls.


With a phone system built on Voice over IP (VoIP) you really have no shortage of choices when it comes to the phone accessories on offer. This includes executive IP desk phones, mobile DECT devices for staff that spend most of the day away from a desk, and high tech conferencing equipment. If you still have some legacy analogue devices in place that are not yet ready to be retired, then Mitel has integration points for these as well.

Collaboration Tools

As mentioned above, Mitel’s motto is “Powering Connections”, and this is particularly noticeable in the collaboration tools that are available as standard. Mitel Teamwork is a state of the art unified communications platform that allows employees to stay connected no matter where they are located. By providing tools and apps that support text, voice and video communications, and messaging, you gain the flexibility to use the tools in a way that improves your business processes.

Too many business solutions these days are limited in how they can be employed, meaning that you have to change your processes in a potentially negative way.

Contact Centre Solutions

From small start-ups to large corporations, Mitel’s contact centre solutions provide everything you could possibly need to create a highly positive customer experience and journey.

With the flexibility for phone, web, and chat connections, you can provide your customers with all the possible channels to make their experience as effective as possible. Our clients that have implemented these solutions have all experienced large gains in customer satisfaction rates, which of course reflects very positively on your business.

Cloud-Based Or Onsite Flexibility

While the general trend these days is a move to Cloud-based systems, this may not always be as easy as it sounds. If you have existing on-site systems in place that have not yet reached their end of life stage, then it can be a significant waste of investment to simply retire them. Because Mitel offers cloud, on-site, and hybrid solutions, you have a great opportunity to gradually move your systems over. This means you still get all the benefit from your existing investments while starting to integrate more modern systems.

How Fixtel Can Help You Transition

Planning a move from one communications system to another is never easy and can be seriously flawed with major disruptions if not executed correctly. This is further complicated when hybrid cloud and on-site solutions are involved, meaning that specialised knowledge and experience is needed.

Our teams of technicians and engineers have all the latest training and experience to guide you through this process. As a result, you will avoid all the worry and stress and focus more on running your business.

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