Why choose NEC phone systems? NEC telephone systems have been common place in Australian businesses for many decades. With a proven track record of providing top quality equipment that is easy to use the product range has become the favoured solution not just for large corporations, but also as small business phone systems. As with all IT and communications equipment, it is only as effective as the installation and maintenance provided. And that’s exactly what your support team at Fixtel can help you with. Our services include full installation and telephone systems set-up support, plus ongoing business support and maintenance of your technology. We are able to offer the latest platforms and features for advanced customer voice communication.


Whether you’re a small startup company, or you’re in charge of a major business relocation or expansion plan, one area that you will need to pay very close attention to is your telephone system. And in order to achieve the most effective phone integration with your overall communications setup you have to be able to trust a reliable service provider. Our dedicated team of NEC specialists at Fixtel includes highly experienced technicians and engineers that can assist you with every aspect of planning right through to implementation. No matter how large or small your office set up is, our industry leading service will ensure that your communications services are second to none.

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s with any piece of technical equipment, things can and do go wrong from time to time. This can be due to hardware failure or just down to simple configuration errors. When you encounter any type of phone system problems, you want to make sure that you can quickly and effectively resolve them. Having an in-house support team is not always feasible and even in many larger companies, doesn’t always make sense. At Fixtel, we can provide a dedicated NEC telephone support service. Our tech support agents have all the necessary training and experience to analyse all problems, and in most cases are able to resolve the issue directly on the phone. As a result, your IT support team won’t have to battle with a complicated instructions manual and possibly waste many hours resulting in lengthy system downtime. You and your employees and customers will have access to our hone system support platforms that are flexible and offer a premium designed platform that connect your user across online, wireless data networks built specifically for the latest NEC products


The current product range of NEC encompasses 4 different desktop IP phones as well as 4 DECT phones. However, over the past decades, dozens more have been available, and are still in use because of their high quality design. Even the most basic model includes all the most commonly used features including call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID and conference facilities. And when you add in the ability to use a softphone on your computer, you really get a high tech solution for modern businesses. One problem businesses can encounter is that many phone service providers are unable to support older phones, as they lack the experience.

At Fixtel, our team of advanced digital technicians and engineers has been working with NEC equipment for over 25 years. There literally is no product that we haven’t seen or dealt with. As a result, you’re not forced into spending money on expensive new hardware, just because a service provider lacks the experience to fix a possibly simple problem.


If you’ve been around office phone systems for as long as we have, then you remember the hugely complex systems of the past where every single phone required a separate outside line. Since the dawn of the Internet, this has changed a lot and modern Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has revolutionised how office systems are designed and set up. This has also resulted in drastic savings in phone bills for businesses of all sizes.

By integrating your business phone system with your Internet connection you can achieve great savings and streamline your communications infrastructure to make it more robust, scalable and much easier to maintain. At Fixtel, we are leading Australian experts on helping businesses make the switch the VoIP phones. Speak to us to discover best communication implementation and planning.


When problems occur, or you need to upgrade and expand an existing system, then you have to be able rely on engineers and technicians that understand your systems and how they are configured. A lot of troubleshooting can be done remotely, and many problems are indeed fixed with a simple reset. However, when problems become more severe or are hardware related then fast response times and reliable service level agreements are needed. Our team of technicians at Fixtel are always available to support on-site repair jobs. And with our industry leading response times we can solve your problems before they become too disruptive to your business and customer experience.


Whether you have a faulty headset or a virus has infected your communications, the first thing on your mind will be: how quickly can this be fixed? By partnering with Fixtel for a full maintenance service you can ensure such downtime is kept to a minimum. Regular monitoring and maintenance will ensure that your systems are always up-to-date and secure. But this also means that we have a full picture of your configuration at all times. So, if things do go wrong, you won’t have to wait for a service provider to first do a full system analysis and mapping. We will have all the information to immediately identify and isolate the problem and bring your systems back up and running as fast as possible. With shorter downtime periods you can make sure that your bottom line is not negatively affected.


Here at Fixtel our Australia wide technicians can assist your business and give you a range of solutions to meet your NEC telephone systems budget or requirements. We a located in every state and major city with offices in Melbourne (Port Melbourne), Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Canberra.

We also support regional areas such as Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong

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