One of the world’s leading brands in the telecommunications industry is Panasonic. With a large range of both consumer and professional office phone systems available, the company has been able to bring many innovative new features. Especially their small office phone systems have become hugely popular with start up companies and small businesses where cost of acquisition and implementation needs to be in the affordable range. One of the biggest challenges for small organisations is finding the right expertise to get the most affordable and suitable system setup.

At Fixtel, our dedicated business communications team has over 25 years’ worth of experience dealing with new implementations and expansions of all sizes. So, if you are considering a Panasonic implementation or upgrade, then talk to us today about our industry leading service packages.


In both new implementations and system expansions, success always hinges on proper planning and analysis of your actual needs and requirements. It happens too many times that we deal with new clients that were wrongly advised, ending up with systems that over or underdeliver. Panasonic phone systems are perfectly suitable for businesses of all sizes, and they can easily be expanded as an organisation grows. But in order to get the biggest return on your investment, you have to make sure you don’t overspend for functionality you may never need.

At Fixtel, we pride ourselves on always delivering system proposals that maximise your investment returns so that you gain operational and financial benefits as soon as possible. Talk to a Fixtel advisor today


It can happen from time to time that software and/or hardware fails resulting in problems with your phone lines. Not being able to make or receive calls can have a serious effect on your business, and should always be kept to a minimum. The problem is that most companies simply cannot afford the costs of an in-house support team to sit idle for most of the year, only to jump into action in those rare situations. Hiring, paying and training such a team is very expensive, but there is a very suitable alternative solution.

By teaming up with Fixtel’s support services you can have trained and qualified technicians available at the end of a phone line to deal with all your technical issues. This allows you to immediately start the resolution process without having to find a suitable and available service provider first.

Panasonic Phone Systems

Through many years of experience Panasonic has been able to create a product range of business desktop and conferencing phones that are ideal for all types of industries. Their ease of use coupled with extremely high quality and reliability have made them the go-to choice especially for smaller offices. You can easily combine wired equipment with cordless DECT phones and even use fully integrated softphones that can be used on laptop computers and tablets.With such a wide range of different functionality it can be difficult to identify exactly what will suit your business and processes the best. By contacting our dedicated office communications team you can make sure that you get the advice needed to spend your budget as wisely as possible.

Panasonic Phones

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The underlying technology that has made onsite hosted solutions, like those offered by Panasonic, so affordable is Voice over IP (VoIP). Consumer services like Skype took advantage of the same, but it’s mainly in the business world that this has led to drastic reductions in costs. Until the late 1990s hosted PBX systems were extremely expensive and even for many small businesses proved to be quite a crippling cost.

Internet technology allowed this to change so that both the investment in hardware and maintenance became far more affordable. With such easy access to globally used technology you are able to save on your operating costs immediately, making the investment pay for itself in a very short space of time.


Panasonic phone systems for small business owners are an ideal solution, but you also want to make sure that you have technicians on standby should failures occur. And this is where you have to make sure that you always have access to a team of professionals who can react fast and solve problems effectively. At Fixtel, all our technicians have the experience and training to deal with the majority of problems remotely. This speeds up the initial analysis and solution process to make sure that any system downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.


One of the best ways to keep your systems in healthy order is to keep them fully maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Just like your car requires a regular check-up to make sure it runs for as long as possible, so should your communications systems be treated. Through Fixtel extensive service packages you can make sure that your equipment is regularly monitored and always kept updated with the latest security patches.

Taking such a proactive approach not only reduces the risk of problems occurring in the first place, but also enables your support team to have an up-to-date picture of all your hardware. This allows us to isolate and triage any problems without having to first map out and understand how your equipment is set up and integrated.