FixTel Pty. Ltd. understands and recognizes the wide area of health and safety hazards that can occur in the work field and installation activities that our staff carry out each and every day. The company directors and senior management care about the health and safety of all our staff, contractors and the public.

We as a company understand our responsibilities, FixTel Senior Management accepts the duty to provide and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, environments, equipment, competent supervision, through risk control and safety planning systems.

FixTel will continue to:

  • develop a health and safety culture that embraces keeping our staff and others safe
  • stay informed on current health and safety OHS legislation
  • continue to improve our health and safety knowledge and responsibility
  • prevent and minimize injury through the involvement of our staff and contractors in proactive processes
  • report and investigate all incidents and implement a preventive outcome
  • support the rehabilitation of injured or sick staff
  • supply safe equipment and systems of work, regular updates, training and supervision to ensure their continued safety, and
  • train our management and staff to identify hazards, assess and control risks, and assist in the response to accidents.

FixTel staff and FixTel contractors will:

  • adopt the health and safety policy actively promoting and implementing OHS procedures
  • be actively involved in health and Safety including risk assessments, inspections and evaluations of a safe working environment
  • contribute and participate in reviewing FixTel OHS policy and training
  • comply with all safe working procedures from the FixTel OHS manual, and
  • notify FixTel management of all hazards, accidents and incidents.

We Care

The directors and senior management of FixTel are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this safety policy. FixTel is committed to safer and improved working conditions and to maintain awareness of health and safety throughout the company.