Fixtel provides phone system solutions for the healthcare industry. The Ascom phone systems are designed for all healthcare sectors including; medical centre’s, retirement villages, nursing homes and private health clinics/hospitals. Communication is critical in the healthcare sector and the right phone system is central to this. Enhancing and not distracting from the healthcare given is the key to the best phone system for healthcare providers.Features

The IP-DECT portfolio is easy-to-use, feature-rich and high in quality – perfect for any company facing the next stage of their digital transformation.


The telecommunication system is designed with end to end security that keeps information secure. A combination of encryption techniques and authentication means the system cannot be tampered with or have voice/data stolen.

(DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm DSAA, DECTStandard Ciphering Algorithm DSCA and SRTP encryption over LANs)


With backward and forward capability it means you do not have to replace existing infrastructure. Simply add IP-DECT gateway to interface IP-PBX with existing wireless DECT infrastructure and handsets. The system can continue to grow with IP-DECT access points. Full system roaming and handover is supported between Ascom IP-DECT access points and Ascom TDM-DECT base stations connected to an Ascom IP-DECT Gateway.

Both Ascom IP-DECT access point and IP-DECT gateways support open standards (e.g. SIP and H.323) creating the perfect platform for current and future interoperability.

  • Telephone messaging
  • Personal alarm location
  • Clinical integrations
  • System admin
  • Reporting
  • Nurse call
  • Central alert display
  • System integration


The unique ASCOM IP-DECT gateway means migration from current or legacy technologies to VoIP is easy and very cost-efficient. Fixtel can help even if your system is an old analog PBX, we simply integrate the IP which gives instant access to the advantage of cordless integration. So you can upgrade the existing system with no separate IT infrastructure.


Ascom IP-DECT integrates Voice over IP with Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT). This is an enterprise-grade telephony system providing reliable wireless communication, personal alarm. Professional messaging and is positioning over secure dedicated frequency bands. It is designed for the healthcare sector and its unique telecommunication needs. Developed based on open standards like SIP it maximises interoperability, therefore, making it a cost-effective system.

  • IP (Internet Protocol) – is the universal standard for internetworking and maximises scalability and interoperability
  • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) – Secure communication delivering superior voice quality over reserved radio frequency bands.


Each healthcare provider and centre has its own unique needs. Telecommunication solutions need to be just as unique. Fixtel recommends Ascom IP-DECT as an excellent solution thanks to the flexibility and scalability of its system architecture. The secure wireless transmission on dedicated frequency bands makes it less prone to interference. With simplicity designed into the system architecture, it means maxim flexibility and scalability.

  • Ascom IP-DECT solution easily scales from 1 to 10,000 base stations and grows to support up to 100,000 users.
  • Ascom IP-DECT Solutions provides easy support for small and large networks, up to tens of thousands of phones, seamless call handover, unlimited roaming, and the possibility of multi-site installations.
  • Multi-Master feature means people stay connected as they move from building to building, site to site, or even country to country. And since you only need a single system, you also get the benefits of easy administration, easier set-up and less equipment required.


  • Dedicated frequency bands
  • Interference-free wireless communication
  • Secure encrypted radio transmissions
  • Robust handsets
  • Superior voice quality
  • Interactive messaging
  • Dedicated alarm channel
  • Centralized management
  • Support for open-standards (e.g. SIP, H323, etc.)
  • Certified interoperability with leading vendors
  • Support multi-site deployment
  • Up to 100, 000 users