How to Best Scale Up your Remote Workforce

In times like this when everything is coming to a halt due to coronavirus, we need to find ways to continue living our daily life, but with a twist. And the same applies to business. We have solutions for you that will make your business ready to face these tough times. Many businesses are already requiring employees to work from home and others if they are able to are working towards this. Fixtel as an Avaya partner can assist your workforce in keeping productivity at normal levels whilst working from home. And as it’s using familiar services like Ayava onsite PBX which includes desk Ip phones, softphones for laptops and video chat your employees will be able to quickly adapt. The scaling up in remote working is achievable quickly and Fixtel can act immediately to provide your business with the right collaboration tools. Any cost outlays are recouped in maintaining business as normal with a remote workforce.


Video chat and conferencing capabilities for remote employees will keep them connected and productive. The coronavirus is impacting business but with the right technology, it does not have a negative impact. Mobile and remote workers already exist in most businesses; it’s just a matter of scaling up. With tools like Avaya Aura Conference, your employees can connect and collaborate on a digital platform from their own homes. Whether it’s connecting with their team or with customers.


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  • Easy to schedule, join and start meetings
  • Highly secure
  • Logistics combined with Microsoft Outlook one click meeting
  • VoIP connection, traditional dial-in, Avaya mobile or desktop
  • Visual roster
  • Video presentation in conference


To make work from home a success you need to ensure that your employees have the following; Good Working Environment – The remote worker needs sufficient internet access to connect to corporate resources. You may need to provide connectivity for work use (Mifi, hotspot, etc.). For customer-facing workers and contact centre agents, ensure sufficient voice quality can be delivered to the employee given their connectivity.  This could include the use of voice-over-IP, cellular, or home-based telephone services.


Hardware may include a computer and headset depending on the requirement. Employees also need the same access to applications, tools, and peers as they do when in the office like presence and instant messaging. Connectivity is also another key consideration.  Using a second analog phone, or a cellular phone line provides consistent quality without network engineering. Though these require an up-front activation cost and ongoing monthly expense. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) eliminates those costs but it depends on a solid internet connection. At Fixtel we are partners with leading telecommunication provider Avaya and can assist your workforce to continue working from home in these tough times. For small local businesses, large multinational enterprises and everything in between, there is one communication service provider that stands out as one of the most trusted: Avaya Phone System. With a long history of providing scalable solutions that grow with a business as well as technological innovations, the Avaya IP Office cloud solution is just the latest offering to bring efficiency and ease of use to your organisation.


A lot of the services offered you will recognise if you’ve been working with an Avaya onsite PBX system. This includes:

  • Desk IP phones
  • Softphones for laptops and smartphones
  • Meetings and conferencing facilities
  • Video and voice chat
  • Instant messaging
  • Data analysis

The more advanced new features available are in the collaboration tools and apps that allow your teams to better communicate with each other and customers. Especially relevant for a remote workforce in the environment caused by the coronavirus. Because mobile communications have rapidly outgrown their desktop counterpart, it has never been more important to offer easy and fast access points to your business. Relying on just a phone number and email doesn’t paint a good image of your company. Beyond the customer and staff experience, there are also numerous benefits to your bottom line with added reliability and lower service costs.


Whether you’re an existing client or you’re looking for a new partner to guide you through the upgrade process to a cloud environment, our team of trained and experienced engineers and technicians are ready to take your call. We offer service packages to suit everything from small start-up businesses to large multi-site operations. If you are transitioning to a remote workforce at this time call us to help. Our experts will help your business move quickly and set up your workers for optimum productivity. Through a process of careful analysis of your current setup, we are able to create a plan of action to make the transition to the cloud as seamless as possible. Once the best configuration has been determined with you, we can then take care of all the necessary steps, taking all the hassle and worry out of the process. Speak to one of our advisors today about Fixtel’s Avaya Cloud Services and remote working capabilities on 1300 34 98 35 or for more information visit our dedicated page: