Recruit and Retain Gen Z with Remote Management Tools

Gen Z makes up a quarter of today’s workforce and they are the most tech-savvy of all the generations. Employers can harness Gen Z’s high energy and tech smarts to benefit all aspects of the business. To attract and keep Gen Z employees it takes more than just offering a competitive salary. A business needs to understand what Gen Z expects of the workplace. By using the following recruitment tips your business can attract and retain quality Gen Z employees. Technological advances in workplace communications mean remote roles are much easier to manage. Unified communication systems like RingCentral cloud phone systems mean remote teams work seamlessly and can be managed easily. Fixtel can advise your business on UC systems that will work best for remote workers and your business.


By 2028 73 percent of workplace teams will have remote workers. Already around the same number work remotely for Millennial and Gen Z managers. Take retail for example, whilst brick and mortar positions for retail will always exist there are many roles that can operate remotely.

  • Buyers
  • Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Online store management
  • Admin

The importance of creating remote and freelance positions means your business can reach into a larger talent pool of Gen Z workers. But remote and freelance workers still need a human connection and something that pulls the team together. By implementing unified communications and collaboration (UCaaS) solutions you can maintain an easy and direct dialogue with your team.


Generation Z places a lot of importance on face to face interactions whether that be in physical stores or in the workplace. That may be because of their more tech-savvy lifestyle and remote work roles. Where face to face dialogue is still needed to add collaboration and a human touch. Remote roles for Gen Z do not mean minimum communication and collaboration, in fact, they want the opposite. Gen Z was educated in very collaborative environments and they need the same in the workplace. Facilitating a face to face and collaborative work environment with unified comm tools like video chat and digital file-sharing helps to recruit plus retain Gen Z employees. See more information on unified communication tools –


In addition to a very collaborative schooling environment, Gen Z also was also taught mistakes are learning opportunities and viewed as constructive. Embracing failure leads to innovation – this is the mantra of Gen Z employees and should be understood by their managers. Especially during training on new technologies and performance of sales goals. A Gen Z employee has an excellent ‘get straight back in the saddle’ attitude after any setback. And often find a better way to achieve the target or create new systems for sales etc.


The major difference between younger generations like gen Z and older generations like boomers is technology. Millennials and Gen Z had constant technology at their fingertips and adapted very easily to advancements. Whereas Boomers and to a lesser extent Gen X did not grow up with technology and perhaps are not as adept to taking advantage of tech advancements. So it may come as no surprise Gen Z prefers a Millennial manager. Personal values may differ also with Gen Z preferring to hold many roles over their working life compared to boomers staying at a workplace much longer. To bridge the generational gap in management it can help to focus on diversity. Gen Z values and understands diversity and cultural sensitivity. Coach Gen Z on those values, strategically putting older generations in the conversation of valuing diversity. This is the Gen Z language and by focusing the conversation this way it helps to bridge the divide.


Gen Z appreciates critique and feedback and needs constant feedback to keep investment in their role. In fact, they like daily feedback and this forms part of that face to face interaction and collaboration dialogue Gen Z wants. Implementing a UCaaS solution means instant messaging, video chat, video conference and collaborative tools at your fingertips to facilitate the level of feedback and interaction needed. Cloud-based unified communications solution will empower your remote team and freelance workers and allow a collaborative environment. RingCentral UCaaS solutions will offer your business the very best remote management communication systems.


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